Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-19 Released

New Release!

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So… I now owe the readers 4 bonus chapters of Chaldea Untold.

I decided, because it was a fun incentive to me, that whenever I draw a 5 star character in Fate/GO, I would owe a bonus chapter to the readers. I kinda had a dead streak since I got Summer Jeanne. Then I got 5 new 4 star Servants in a row with a frequency that had the same percentage chance of happening of drawing a 5 star card. So I decided, heck with it, I owe a chapter.

(Marie, Atalante Alter, Prince of Lang Ling, Qin Liangyu, and Yu Meiren, if you’re interested. I think Yu was as surprised as I was, since she appeared after only 1 ticket. Never got Red Hair.)

Then I got the GSSR roll with New Years and got Ivan the Terrible. I really needed AoE NP Riders, so that was nice. But what I needed more than anything was a good ST NP Saber. Anyway, that’s two owed chapters now.

Now, on the subject of ST NP Sabers, I broke my quartz bank trying to get Musashi and Sigurd multiple times this year. All to no avail. So, I decided I was going for Best Bird, Beni Enma. I started using my Friend Point Barometer method to gauge a good time to roll, and bought a Quartz pack ahead of time just in case I needed it. I had my limit set… and about a week into the event the barometer showed a beneficial harvest awaited me. I used about half my quartz… when I got Rainbow Sparks.

The last GSSR role, I decided to roll the Extra class, despite the fact that I have NP 2 Jeanne and needed two classes. An ST NP Saber, and ANY Caster aside from Tamamo who I have at NP 2. I decided to Roll Extra as the chances of getting a repeat AoE Saber was too high, and Scheherazade was a possible drop from rolling the Caster group. I desperately did not want a 5 star roll to spook with her. (I got Hokusai, BTW.)

My Beni Enma rainbow sparks came up as Scheherazade.

I quite literally cussed, because not only did I get a 5 star I didn’t want, it means I now owe my readers another chapter because of it. So, 3 bonus chapters.

After that, I had a vastly more limited supply of Quartz and was demoralized. But. The 10 rolls were still producing a high frequency of Servants in the rolls, though they were all 3 stars. Now, my barometer method has me rolling for Servants when the frequency of Servants is high, since the likelihood of getting GOOD Servants is higher when you are getting MANY servants. The Good requires the Many, first. So, since I was still getting Many Servants from the draws, I kept going, hoping one of them would be Good.

On the very last full 10 roll I could afford without buying more Quartz… I got Rainbow Sparks… a Gold Saber card… that flipped over to show Beni Enma!

I now have a GOOD ST NP Saber! Finally! And I now owe 4 bonus chapters to the readers!

(Didn’t get any 4 star Servants from any of the Beni attempt draws though. So the luck was a bit strange during that go.)

Now, on the topic of the schedule I need to enact for Bonus Chapters, I was intending to write 2 chapters today, but inspiration for Too Many Murders hit me way late last night, so that threw off my day. And then I MCed a Magic the Gathering game between my neighbor’s kid and his best friend over the course of two and a half hours today, teaching them as they played against each other. It was a real good game, they’d both make great players in the future. But it was also exhausting. Thankfully this current chapter was half finished, so I could take some Tylenol and then power through on a sugar high while listening to Fate OSTs to keep my mind in the game. I believe it turned out well, mainly because I was sobbing my eyes out by the end of the chapter.

So, I’ll be working hard to deliver bonus chapters from here on out. Too Many Murders does not count as a bonus chapter, mind you. And I’ll be introducing a counter on the right hand side of the toolbar for keeping track of chapters owed. Now, if you want me to owe more chapters, check out the Chaldea Untold Donation Guide.

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