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First off, thank you for even being interested enough in my site to look at the Donations section.

I started this story while I was unemployed and had tons of free time. Now that I have a job, real life is necessarily forcing me to choose how to spend my free time with a bit more of a strict judgement.  As such, it is not impossible that I will fall behind on my regular update schedule.  I do not intend for that to happen, but life gets in the way of creativity.

If people make donations to the site, then I will, of course, have more of a reason to spend my free time writing than playing games or reading books.  Not because it will be a source of revenue, but because people putting their money where their mouths are will inspire me to be creative on their behalf.  Having my writing appreciated makes me want to write more, you know?

So I’ve installed a Donation button.  Now, what will you get for donating?

ANY DONATION: Public thanks in the news posts, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

DONATE $10 OR MORE: Your name and a message of your choice is added to the Backers Page, to be accessible for anyone to see for as long as the website exists.

DONATE $20 OR MORE: Your name and a message of your choice is added to the Backers Page AND the Side Bar for everyone to see for as long as the website exists.

DONATE $50 OR MORE: Your name and a message of your choice is added to the Backers Page AND the Side Bar for everyone to see for as long as the website exists.  You also get to have a personalized Extra Chapter of “Stop Calling Me A Demon King” written for you about a subject or short story line of your choice.

Questions And Answers About Donations

Q: I Donated 10 dollars or more. What can I write for my message?

A: Anything.  Within reason.  As the site operator, I reserve the right to revoke any message that would be racist, overtly sexist, hate mongering, or in any other kind of poor taste that could get me or my website in trouble for hosting.  Other than that, you can have any message hosted.


Q: How long can my messages be?  Cause I have this full length novel I was hoping you’d put on your site.

A: Please keep your messages to about the same length as you’d post on Twitter or on a Facebook response.  I won’t be a jerk about length requirements, but please show some self-restraint.


Q: How many times can I Donate to get messages? Cause there this one guy’s message on your Donations page I’d really like to make a rebuttal to!

A: There is no limit to the number of times you can have your various words of wisdom hosted.  And yes, you can have an internet argument with someone on the Backers page for as long as you want. But it’s $10 per message, so make sure the argument is worth it.


Q: Hey! I want a story written!  But will it be an officially canon chapter, or will it just be some author made fanfiction grade BS?

A:  The Donation stories will be canonical parts of the SCDK story in that they may or may not have actually happened, just like the non-Donation Extra Chapters.  So if you really want space invaders to show up in the story and anally probe some character you don’t like, then be prepared for the possibility that such an event will be canon only within the confines of that particular Extra Chapter and not anywhere else in the story.


Q: Extra Chapter 1 is SHORT!  I’m not paying money for something so short!

A: I guarantee that Extra Chapter that people have actually paid for will be longer in length than Extra Chapter 1, which I wrote as a prank. Extra Chapters people have paid for in Donation will be longer as are appropriate to the story being told, and the amount of money paid in donations above and beyond the $50 mark. Basically, the more money donated and the higher the quality of the idea, the longer your commissioned short story will be.  Because I refuse to write 30 pages about cheese tasting, no matter how much money you pay me.


Q: Okay, I have a short story I want you to write, but it’s not short. Can I commission you to write multiple chapters about the same story?

A: Yes. As long as you pay for each chapter ahead of the time that I write it.  But if you want every chapter to be a part of the same story, inform me about it first for the sake of proper storytelling arcs.


Q: Okay, I loved that Extra Chapter!  Can I pay for a continuation of that subject?

A: Yes, yes you can.  Even if the Extra Chapter you want a sequel to is not yours.  As long as I feel I can write a decent continuation to that story, I’ll write it for you.


Q:What if I pay for a short story and I don’t like what you wrote?  Do I get my money back?

A: I will endeavor to make sure your story is not crap, I can promise that.  And I will confirm a general outline of the short story with you before writing it.  Or if you so choose, I will write the story without conversing with you about the outline ahead of time if you want it to be a surprise.

But with that said, if I finish writing the Extra Chapter and have published it, then you will NOT get your money back.  I’ll have completed the labor and produced the product that was commissioned by you.  If it’s not up to your standards, then too bad.


Q: I commissioned a chapter and it’s taking too long to publish!  I want it naaaaooowww!

A: Creativity is fickle, fella.  It can’t be rushed, and real life may be getting in the way.  But if I go for a long period of time without making any headway on your Extra Chapter, then you will be well within your rights to ask for a refund, and I will cancel all plans I had of writing or publishing the chapter you Donated for.

As for forcing me to write faster… well, I COULD write faster, but the quality of the end result will be damaged, and I’d rather not produce a sub-par chapter for a Backer.


Q: Can you refuse a story idea of mine? Because I really would like to read a graphic scene of a threesome between Colonel Lumpy and his two aids.  …After they’re dead. Ufufufufu~

A: Ick.  No.  There is subject material that I will absolutely REFUSE to write.  Basically, if it’s something that would need a warning or cautionary notice on before you access it, I reserve the right to refuse to write it.  If you don’t know what content ideas of yours I will reject, then contact me before making your Donation, just to be safe and to prevent the hassle of returning your money.


Q: Hey!  That donation button is PayPal! I hate those guys for reasons!  Do you have another way to pay?

A: At the moment, no, I do not.  It was a miracle that I was even able to set this up.  I’m not web-code savvy, friend, so please cut me some slack.


Q: Hey, I wanna contact you directly, either about a question or about a donation I’m making.

A: Then email me directly