Chaldea Untold 1-6 released

So, fast link for people who don’t like my nattering HERE! BAM!

So I’ve had some pretty awesome Gacha luck in the past week.  But not in F:GO.  I used to play the JP server of Valkyrie Anatomia.  It’s the cell phone game of the Valkyrie Profile universe, and is pretty fun since the combat system is about physics juggling enemies.  There’s a ton of other stuff in there for long term RPG numbers playing, but that’s the gist of it.  The Anatomia game, however, does not take place in the Console Games timeline, instead it’s a different world where all of the non-human races of the Seven Worlds team up and annihilate the Aesir down to the last man.  Literally.  Odin was the only one to escape and unseals the legendary Valkyrie to help with selecting Einherjar and finding the rebirthing Aesir Gods to start repopulating their race from the ground up.

It’s a very mature toned game that is very easy to reroll in since it has a “Delete Data” function that allows you to start over from scratch without uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  If you’re gonna reroll, there are two level of rerolling.  The first is the Free Character you will get in your first free 10 draw, where the available pool has a Jackpot of Arngrim (do not take Arngrim F, as he’s a garbage variant) who becomes a mega tank with his personal Orb you can get by trading in a ticket on your 100 day log ins reward.  The second level of rerolling is for whoever is the mega sweet Gacha Banner of the current event.  So you can destroy yourself going for one or the other, or both!

(If you’re gonna play, take Leone on the 7 day log in reward. She’s the best of the three on offer.)

So I rerolled until I got Arngrim last week, and completely failed to get the banner Valkyrie.  A juiced up Hrist.  This week comes around and I used all three of my 10 rolls on the juiced up Hakurei (which seems to be a homunculous clone of the Valkyrie of Creation from the VP console games) and only got some great weapons out of it.  Now see, Anatomia give you a LOT of playable characters in the main storyline, and wellfares in side events.  So most power comes from equipping and leveling Divine Weapons and Orbs for armor.  But the Gacha characters are more powerful than the vanilla characters… and have a 1% chance of dropping in their events.  You don’t NEED them, but as gamers you will feel a pathological need to collect some of them at least to be able to have teams.

So there I was, considering if I should start rerolling yet again to try for a 1% chance of a great character who would make the account, and I decided to use my free draw tickets since I had nothing to lose.  First ticket, I got the shiny new Eventide Hakurei.  I nearly shat myself (people need to use the word “shat” more often) right then and there.  The account suddenly became a keeper.

I also started ANOTHER new cellphone game called Another Eden.  This particular gacha game does NOT play like one.  There is no energy, you can play however long you like.  No inventory limit or management that requires paid espansion.  It’s like a turn based SNES game with a simplified user interface.  You’re never paying to PLAY the game.  You’re paying for draw chances on good characters to make playing the game easier or more interesting.

It’s pretty good story, too.  Don’t let the childish banter fool you.  You quickly go into topics of genocide, end of the world, prejudice, time travel, causality, revenge, and more.  There is a lot of meat in there if you can look past the deceptively cartoonish veneer.  Which makes sense because it is a game written by the guy who made Chrono Fuckin’ Trigger.  There’s even a few tongue in cheek references to the Chrono Trigger games, like a frog bodied warrior named Cyrus, who is friends with a sentient straw dummy with a giant nail in it.  The writer is having fun by poking fun at his other works for people to pick up on.

Now, Another Eden is pretty good.  Great pacing on the plot if compared to other games (I compared this to FF15 and found AE’s pacing far superior), but it is very slow in giving out free Gacha credits.  Chrono Crystals or some shit.  Which makes rerolling very hard to do.  In order to get the currency to do a 10 roll, you need to play the game for about 3 hours if you speed through the conversations and side quests.  And by that time you’re really feeling the lack of characters for a full 6 man party.  So you have to do a few single draws for characters to even get to the point where you can do your first 10 draw, where the 5 star character drop rate is between four and 5 percent.  Much better than F:GO, and even better than Gran Blue Fantasy.  So, not a lost cause for rerolling.

My first attempt in the game met with horrible failure of 6 one pull draws when I ran against a brick wall difficulty with only the vanilla characters.  So I reinstalled the app and tried again.  Once I reached the Future I did a couple of 1 pulls, and got a 5 star Samurai named Shion who was about the 7th highest ranked character in the game.  Keeper account, right?  So, I go further in the game much more quickly and easily than before and get enough for a 10 roll.  I drop the Chrono Crystals on the new banner with a 0.8% chance of getting the new character (more accurately it’s an alternate costume of another character that simultaneously unlocks the core character as something you can get by gathering in game material to unlock the form – it’s kind odd to explain but obvious if you’re looking at it yourself) AND I GOT HER.

So in the end, I started two new call phone games to spread my slacker time around, and I hit 1% jackpots in both of them.  But Merlin still won’t give me the time of day.  Fuck that incubus.  …Wait…

(If you’re gonna play Another Eden, then use the 4 star ticket on Ciel.  She’s the highest rated 4 star, and I think she’s getting a 5 star form in the future, I dunno.  The news post was kind of oddly worded.)

Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-5 released

So last week was the first week of September.  Or as I’m calling it, “the Perfect Storm.”  My pharmacy was coming back from a 3 day vacation weekend, starting flue vaccines, and it was the beginning of the month.

Utter.  Chaos.

I slept 12 hours on Saturday, and didn’t feel human until I went to bed on Sunday.  No writing for me.

Well, today is the day we can use the 4 Star Character Selection ticket in F:GO.

I hope everyone gets something they want.

Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-4 released

Well, most of you don’t care about this series, but here’s an extra long chapter anyway.  I got a 50 dollar donation which would have been an extra chapter of SCDK back in the heyday, but in this Age it’s going to equal more CU.  So, this chapter is about twice the normal length instead of being cut off, or taking two weeks to write instead of one.

I have to say though, this was a treat for me even if I forced myself to finish it.  This was the scene I’ve been wanting to write all this time.

I also discovered that no one can win against Lily’s cuteness.