Maoujanai Ch 4

Mon – Sat: 8 hour work days, with Saturday having a 2 hour round trip commute, to boot.

Sun: Mass Effect Andromeda

Mon: Car title change at the DMV. Updating my Auto Insurance.  Cancelling my contract for DSL at my previous place, thank god they didn’t charge a penalty.  And writing and publishing a chapter of Maoujanai.  It may not be SCDK, but it’s content.  I hope you enjoy.

I’m going to hell for this.  But it’s a fun trip.

Maoujanai Ch 3

Have you ever had two weeks of work without a weekend and then gotten sick from a coworker immediately before your first weekend in two weeks started, and then suffered for that weekend instead of doing something productive like writing a full chapter of a web novel series that readers and Patreon Backers alike are looking forward to?


Then fuck you.  I’m just going to be over here cutting myself and listening to Lincoln Park.


EDIT: It seems I never published this post.  My bad.  It kinda works out well, as I don’t have any new content this week.  The next chapter requires a great deal of empathy from me to write, and I am super tired this weekend.  I did a complete inventory of expiration dates for my pharmacy this last week on top of convalescing from my cold which was a total stamina drainer, which is leaving me with less stamina.  Hence, no content this week.  Sorry, but I am only mortal.

SCDK Chapter 28 Released

How many people actually read these things I write here?  I’d be surprised if it was a quarter of a single tenth of a bajillionth of a percent.  And yes, that’s a number.  It’s a part of Fuzzy Mathematics, I have a linty degree in it.

I quite literally got off a ten hour shift at work, and I’m making sure I release this chapter to you tonight before I pass out to have another long shift tomorrow.  Not because you’re awesome people (which you are), but because I would be overcome by guilt if I didn’t.  So it’s either this or self-flagellation.

One more chapter in book 1 to go!