SCDK Ch. 14

So, here’s SCDK a day early for two reasons. The first is that I feel bad I didn’t have a chapter for you guys last week, and second, I’m going to be putting effort towards work from 6 am to 8 pm tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll have the energy to post on Saturday.

Chapter 14 is go!

In other news, I’ve bought a new car!  It’s a nice 2015 Camry XSE that I got for 15,000 on the dime.  The lot was clearing their stock and I was able to buy it for less than the dealers paid for it.  This is just another reason I believe in and love God, because this is the exact sort of thing that I needed to have happen to me.

It’s such a nice car that my father, who co-signed with me, flat out told me that he wanted the car for himself.  So now, a question of etiquette… if your father borrows your car to go on a date… does he have to return the car with a full tank of gas?

Update and Strongman

So I just had my first week of work.  My second week will be MUCH lighter, so I expect I’ll be able to write content to some degree.  I’ve also completed my horrific grind in my cell phone game yesterday as I was relaxing and recuperating from my job.  So I will probably be far less distracted in the weeks to come, as well.

Things are looking up!

Now, for this weeks content, it’s not SCDK, but the next tale in the Strongman Saga.  Strongman and the Ice Queen.  Fans of the original series will be able to place the origins of the tale, but I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it’s alien splendor.  I may be biased, but I consider it a good read.

In other news, I’ve enjoyed taking walks now and then.  The frequency of my walks have not changed since Pokemon Go was released, but curious things have happened during them.  I’ve seen more people taking walks, and when we identify each other as Poke Goers, there is almost an embarrassed admission of our activities to each other.  And people I never would have thought of as Pokemon fans kept popping up around me.  I went into a Subway with five people in it, including myself, and four were Pokemon Go players.

Nintendo has succeeded in changing the world, yet again.



So I’m starting my new job this week. It’s going to be something of an experience, so I think I should say this up front.  I might not be able to post a chapter of Stop Calling Me A Demon King next weekend.  I’ve burned through my buffer these past two weeks because I was trying to realign my sleep schedule AND I was grinding a limited time event on a cell phone game.

So, yeah, I was distracted by stuff and couldn’t do any really decent writing for the most part.  It’s pretty hard introducing a bunch of new sinister shadows dancing around in the background of the story, you know.

Anyway, I’ll have SOME kind of content next week.  What it will be, I dunno.

Hey, is that a Demonic Duck of some sort?!

SCDK 12 + Site Updates + Crimes Against Humanity

Yeah, I wish that was a joke post title.

First, I’ve updated the site to make chapter navigation easier.  There are now drop down menus for easy navigation between chapters of SCDK and other parts of the web site.  I did this because I saw someone elsedo it, and thought that I could skip on adding “Next Chapter Previous Chapter” to all the chapters of the story.  Probably going to be more work in the long run, doing this, but it’s nifty so I don’t care!


Second, I’ve added the ability for people to donate to me for my fiction.  The rewards for donating are mostly bragging rights kind of stuff as an excuse for people to send money my way if they wish.  But there is the option to pay me to write a chapter of SCDK for them as an Extra Chapter.  More info in the Donations section, so check it out if you feel like enslaving me to your will and whimsy.

Third, are the crime against humanity.  It’s something you won’t like knowing, but need to know.  Tell others.

Fourth, if you’re not too put off by the third point to ever feel joy again, is the new chapter of SCDK.

What’s that? I should have posted my fiction above the video that will destroy one’s faith in humanity?  Easy for you to say, Monday Morning Quarterback.

SCDK Chapter 11

So, my potential work situation is a bit simpler now. I’m going to work for the Temp Placement company full time at a very generous pay, considering it’s a per hour pay scale. Enough to make people’s eyes stretch when I tell them.  And the company I just interviewed with, well, I told them I would work for them if they could beat that pay scale.

For the first time in a long time, I’m going to have extra cash again.  I can’t wait to start putting money into my IRA again, and an offered 401K, and eventually getting a car that is less than 20 years old.

And on that note, if I put up a Patreon account, would people donate into it?  I mean, it’d be another way to show people appreciate my work and spur me on to keep writing.

*A wild chapter sneaks up behind BakaGrappler and clubs him to stop his nattering.