Merry Christmas CU Special!

So merry Christmas to all! I have a gift for you, during technically still Christmas. This is taking the form of a Bonus Chapter, because I literally forced myself to write most of this during this time of really bad worker participation rate. My community has it real bad, and my workplace especially.

But it’s kind of a good thing that I’ve gotten this out because I now owe even more Bonus Chapters! I’ve pulled another NINE SSR Servants since I last updated the totals! I started doing this as a way to call out to Fate and get better rolls by sacrificing something in return… but I never expected THIS!!! I’ve also got a Rolling Method that seems to be doing all the heavy lifting, but it’s still a lot to handle. I’ll have to keep chipping away at my Bonus Chapter Backlog. If you want one that is specific to a character, you can Donate to get that special something, perhaps as a late Christmas Gift for a special someone, or an early Birthday gift?

But no matter what, please try to look forward to New Years. I think there will be something special happening around that time as well.