Stop Calling Me A Demon King

An original work written by BakaGrappler.

It wasn’t destiny, nor reincarnation, nor necessity that caused the man who named himself Xander to be pulled from Earth into a world of swords, magic, and monsters.  It was plain human greed.  Xander’s struggles to ensure his personal freedom would end up rocking the foundations of reality, and cement his position in history as the Demon King of Enslavement, even against his own vehement denials.

Extra Chapters – Which may or may not have actually happened

Spoof Stories

Welcome To Maoujanai High

29 thoughts on “Stop Calling Me A Demon King

    1. It’s a once a week update schedule, it’s not dropped. Check back every once in a while, or follow my blog, I announce every update.

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    1. No, no tags yet. I don’t wanna ruin any surprises. I will say though, it’s Another World story, with magic in this other world. Not reincarnation, but transported. If you don’t like those stories on principle for the tropes they tend to throw out… well, you might still like this one. Come back sometime, I’ll be here waiting.


  1. Just finished reading chapter 7. It’s a fun, well thought out, action-filled romp.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂


    1. Well hey, guess what. The next chapter is here!

      You can be informed about the chapters dropping immediately if you Follow (WordPress) or Subscribe (email). Which may be fore the best since I am without a Personal Computer for the time being and updates are irregular because of it.


  2. I saw you post your blog on Netooku Otoko’s latest chapter(34). This sounds like an interesting story so I’ll check it out. It seems like it has been a week since the last chapter so there’ll probably be one in a couple of days so we’ll see if I get hooked on it by then. 😀


    1. Okay, after reading the first 9 chapters I think I might be hooked. The writing feels a bit amateurish but I’ve read some machine translated novels and could handle those. Compared to the machine translated novels this is much easier to comprehend.


      1. Yay! I’m a better writer than a soulless supercomputer misinterpreting moon runes! Glad to hear you’re addicted to my series. It’s always a nice feeling to hear someone say they’re looking forward to more of my work.

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    1. Yes it is. In fact, the next chapter was released just today. I update the site weekly, so please don’t hold that against me.


  3. Saw the link on LDM comment section… Once a week chapter, huh? Will give it a try.

    You may want to try posting in sites like to gain more readers… A steady release everyday until it catch up should give you quite a number.


    1. i do apologize for misinterpreting this, I rarely read original works. thus, thank you for investing time and effort into creating this. once again, i apologize


    1. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll get around to it in the near future. Not today though. 10 hour shift. Sleep must be had.


  4. So has this been dropped or is it still ongoing ? I would be sad to see it go so soon, as this was very interesting story, and finally a breather after all those shitty JP/CH Isekai novel attempts I have read in the last year or so.


    1. It is ongoing. But I’ve had workplace injuries, extremely tiring work schedules, and other real life concerns that have killed my ability to be creative. And I have another story on another website that I started before SCDK that I want to finish before I get going on SCDK again. It will be a little while before I can start up again. But I will continue, don’t worry about that.


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