Chaldea Untold Donation Guide

Updated 9/12/2020

For every $80 donated, there will be a bonus chapter of Chaldea Untold. Main story or event, it will depend on my writing mood at the time. All money will roll over to the next milestone for additional chapters.

All donations will count towards the ongoing tally towards a bonus chapter, and every donator will be publicly thanked unless requested not to be. No personal information will be shared, just first name or online handle.

Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive at least 1 full length chapter with a North America Server Servant or Chaldea Staffer of their choice as the main star or co-star of the event. The chapter will be published as canon content of Chaldea Untold. Due to the nature of the story, the content may not be exactly what you desire; for instance, I will not be writing Nero as a perfect Mary Sue, and there will be no impromptu romances.

The bonus chapter for the $50 donator will be in addition to any other bonus chapters unlocked through donation. See the example at the end of this post for more details.

All donations for Chaldea Untold will go towards my own NA F/GO account for rolling Servants. Why would this be important?

Because any time a 5 star Servant is pulled, I will write a bonus chapter of Chaldea Untold. So even small donations can result in a bonus chapter based on RNGesus’s teachings.

You can donate through the yellow button on the right side of the screen.

Thank you for even thinking of supporting me as a return for my content.


Let us assume that several people donated to Chaldea Untold, resulting in $30 dollars accumulated for $30/$80 for the bonus chapter. Then Reginald drops $50 as a donation. Since that $50 completes the goal for the accumulated total, I owe the fans 1 regular release chapter, plus 1 Extra chapter, and I owe Reginald a chapter of his choosing. The next weekend I release a Main Story chapter, and then bust my hump to release a chapter about the Event I felt like doing to balance out my brain. I also use this time to get in contact with Reginald and find out what his preferences for his chapter are.

“Reginald,” I might inquire. “What character do you want to see highlighted in the chapter you bought?”

“I wish to see Ritsuka and Lobo, our best 4 legged doggo, having a steamy hot liaison in a vat of jello.”

Obviously creeped out, I would reply, “I’m afraid I’d rather not write anything to do with hard-core beastiality. But I can include a chapter about Lobo Hessian and include a lot of fuzzy cuddles. Will that do?”

“Why yes, that would be lovely,” the imaginary Reginald would respond.

So the next weekend, in addition to the normal chapter, the extra chapter would involve a romp through the forests of the Northeast United States to curb poaching of wolves, and the retrieval of Hessian’s skeletal head to be buried next to his body, giving peace to both parts of the compound Servant.

Having completed a job well done, I settle into the current banner and the $80 goes into the account. With that Quartz, I roll and successfully obtain a 5 star Servant. After I finish the victory dance, I fall to despair because I now owe another chapter to the readers, and deliver it along side the next new chapter on the following weekend. Oh, but what’s this? I got double 5 stars on that roll? I am thus required to give the readers yet another chapter in addition to the normal fulfillment.

And then I drop from exhaustion and sleep in the bed I made for myself after delivering four additional chapter from $80 worth of donations.

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