Chaldea Untold: Chapter 1-3

She ran on the broken concrete of the one time busy city streets, dodging over shattered remains of cars and fallen street signs, her breath tearing in ragged bursts through her mouth.  The sound of the clacking of her bony pursuers seemed to drown out her own desperate breaths as she chanced a look behind her, to see that the number of skeletal monsters chasing her had increased again.  The platinum blonde haired girl looked forward just in time to see the side mirror of a car as it collided hard with her arm, sending a jet of pain that she felt even through her fatigue, causing her to loudly complain all over again.

“Wh-Who are these guys, anyway!?”

She didn’t dare slow down, despite her shouted complaints.  If she’d known that her loud voice was calling more of the skeletons over to chase her, she may have shut up, but her frustration and fear would not allow such a connection to be made in her mind.  So she kept up her loud venting.

“Why do these things keep happening to me!?”

Another pack of skeletons appeared before the girl’s eyes, running towards her instead of chasing after her.  Whether they had split off from the group behind her to hem the girl in or whether they were another group that had joined the hunt from the path she had already been heading down didn’t matter.  She was now trapped in between those two forces and she didn’t dare approach either of them to try and breakthrough. Instead she went for the first place she could run away to, and climbed onto the top of an intact panel van parked in front of a collapsed flower shop.

“I can’t take it anymore,” the teenage girl shouted as the skeletal monsters formed a ring around the van she’d turned into her meager fortification.  The girl pointed an index finger like a pistol and fired an orange bolt of magic that struck and blasted a skeleton into the nothing it had originally formed from.  That act of defiance slowed the assault of the skeletons for a moment, but it also seemed to make them angry as they gripped their deformed swords more tightly and lowered their postures getting ready for a charge.

Even this loud girl in the midst of her panic could tell she had no hope of holding off the creatures for more than a second or two, and that she was staring death in the eyes.  As her knees began to shake, possibly from the strain of her constant running or the fear of facing her end, she complained one last time as if to mark her place in the world.

“Come save me, Lev!  You were always there for me right?”


The dark purple object landed on the top of the panel van, denting in the roof and sending what remaining glass in the broken windows scattering into the advancing skeletons, causing them to flinch back from the shock and surprise.

“Director Olga Marie,” asked the purple object, that turned out to be the lavender haired girl from the Chaldea Security installation.

“Mash,” exclaimed Olga Marie, bewildered by everything that had just happened.

“Hang on, Director, we’re saving you now,” said the lavender haired girl who was now wearing a strange skin tight outfit that was something between a competition swimsuit and body armor.  The next moment Olga Marie found herself being held in Mash’s arms in the infamous ‘princess cradle’ that husbands carry their wives over the threshold with. Olga Marie could only express her confusion with a wordless, “Haa?”

Then Mash’s legs left the surface of the van, and Olga Marie felt herself catapulted through the air in Mash’s grasp, with a quick layover as Mash used a street lamp as a stepping stone to propel herself faster through the air.  Both the van and the streetlamp were distorted and ruined by the impact of Mash’s contact with them. A wordless scream of surprise escaped Olga Marie’s lips in the form of, “HAA?!”

“Over here, Mash,” called a voice that Olga Marie didn’t recognize.  Which meant there were more people, there was a place she could run to!

In a span of time that seemed far too short but far too long, Mash landed on the concrete of the sidewalks in front of a teenager who seemed tall for an Asian boy wearing a white Chaldea uniform.  Wait, did she know him? The useless sleeping guy!

“Y-You two!  What in the world is going on here?”

“We’re saving you,” the teenage boy said, and waved a hand as he turned to run into a narrow alley between buildings.  “This way!”

The three of them got about ten paces into the alley before they stopped short from the pile of wreckage closing off their escape path.  “W-What the hell, you idiot,” complained Olga Marie at the top of her voice again. “Where are we supposed to run to now?!”

The boy turned lightly to look Olga Marie in the face, the look in is piercing blue eyes somehow strong and assuring, striking the frightened girl into submission as he said, “When did I say we were running?”

The sound of wordless cries from the skeletons and the clacking of their bones on the concrete filled the alley, closing off the entrance with two dozen of the bony monstrosities.  But only one or two of them could move in this alley side by side. It didn’t stop, or delay them, from advancing on the three humans who seemed like they were at their mercy.

“Okay, Mash,” said the boy in an uncomfortably reassuring voice for Olga Marie, but his English seemed a little halting, like it was a second language for him. “Go according to the plan and we’ll be fine.”

“Yes, Master,” said Mash as she held out her hand, and something appeared out of bright shining nothingness to be grasped by her frail arm.  A giant plate metal great shield, that combined a circle and a cross over two layers. Something far too heavy for the girl she’d known before to even be able to heft.

“Master,” asked Olga Marie to herself.  And a moment later Mash connected her shield against the downward swung swords of two of the skeletons.  The loud bang of metal on metal made Olga Marie flinch, the thought of having to see Mash collapse, blood streaming from multiple slashes in her body caused Olga to cringe.  But Mash held and then pushed back the assault, sending the skeletons reeling, and then she thrust back against them. More than that, it seemed like she was punching them with the shield.

“That magic you used before, shooting that bullet like thing,” said the Asian boy to Olga Marie’s right.  “Can you keep using them, or was it a one time thing?”

“Uh, yes, I can use it as much as I want.”

“Then shoot those things over Mash’s shoulder.  It’s best if we end this before those things think of a way around Mash.”  The boy then called out to Mash who was overpowering the magical monsters, “Mash, the Director is going to be firing around you!  When I tell you to move in a direction, do so to give clear line of sight!”

“Yes!  Master!”

“Ready, Director?”

“Oh!  Yes.”

“Alright.  Mash! Right!”

Chapter 1-2 | Chapter 1-4

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