I’m not dead, and neither is the site

But I’m so fucking tireeeeeeeed…

I work in a pharmacy.  The whole Corona situation has a lot of people being panicky and unreasonable.  There are people who are wanting to buy phantom over the counter cures for a virus we’ve known about for 3 months.  And old people who think it’s a better idea to pay hundreds of dollars for a refill on their meds 1 week early because they might be sealed away from an outbroken society for a few months straight.

This shit didn’t happen with the Swine Flu, which was far worse at this point in time with more fatalities.  The media is making people think this is the end of days, on purpose, and people are reacting according to the media’s coverage.  A self fulfilling prophecy.  And I’m on the front line dealing with it.

So I haven’t had the time or energy to write.

I have, however gone through Chaldea Untold Prologue and Chapter 1 to re-edit for typos and accuracy.  So there’s that.

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-3 released

So I read a lot of the Kingdom manga this weekend.  It made me really want to start writing Stop Calling Me A Demon King again.  I came up with a few new characters (not connected to Kingdom) for the series that I think I’ll like.  But, I have a commitment to finishing France, so that comes first.  In the mean time… I’m ready to start planning out Book 2.

On a side note, does anyone want to drop a link to my website on the Fate: Grand Order Facebook page?  I don’t Facebook (I’ve always stayed as far away from Social Media as possible), but it might help some people who would enjoy this series to find it.

Ritual Linkage

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-2 released

Chapter Link

I nearly died three days ago.

This is my first winter in a new town, and I’m getting use to winter conditions for the area.  I’m normally careful, but I was returning home from overtime after dark.  The last thing I was expecting was for the day’s rain to start turning into black ice while I was driving over it.  But there I was, going 60 on a back country highway when the road started betraying me.

At first it felt like the road was lumpy.  My tires kept gaining and losing traction, that made it seem like I was going over a bunch of tiny bumps over and over again.  Then I started drifting.  Small micro corrections took care of it, but I had cruise control turned on, so the slips kept getting worse and worse.  I couldn’t trust myself to remove a hand from the wheel long enough to cut the cruise control without losing control of my car, so I did the only thing I thought I could to disengage the cruise control.  I pumped my breaks once.  That was enough to start the skid.

The car instantly turned 30 degrees.  If my tires started forward momentum again I’d drive directly off the road.  So I had no choice but to double down on the breaks.  I pushed those breaks hard because my life depended on them.  The car was stable for a hundred feet, but then turned again, and I was sliding backwards at a speed I couldn’t check because it was black as pitch outside and the last thing on my mind was checking my speedometer.

In that moment, I had this clarity of mind.

I should have been terrified, screaming in fear.  But I only had a calm about me where I knew that everything was out of my hands, and I could only wait for something to happen that I could take control of.  I think the thought that passed through my mind, while waiting for what came next was, “Well, I’m riding this bitch ’till the end, now.”

I don’t know how many hundred feet I went.  I slid somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute.  But my angle of slide eventually took me off the opposite side of the road.  I hit earth in the ditch that was as soft as pillows, catching me and only dirtying the paint of my car as I was slammed directly into the seat I was strapped into.  No whiplash.  No damage.  Just a sore back at work the following day and a stiff neck I treated with a few hours exposure to a hot pad.  Insofar as 60 mile and hour crashes… it was the best possible outcome one could have ever hoped for.  I was even able to just turn the wheel and drive back onto the road and all the way back home.

I’m telling all of you this because… I can’t release this after incident tension any other way.  I can’t tell anyone in my family without it getting back to my parents.  My mother’s best friends died from black ice.  She’d never feel safe with me behind the wheel of a car again if she heard this.

I’m sorry for dropping this on you.  But I needed someone to hear my story without interrupting me with inane comments.  And none of the people I tried relating it to could do that.  So… thanks readers.  I really needed this.

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-1 released

In case you didn’t catch it, there was a Chapter 2-0 that was a prologue.  This next one actually takes place in the singularity, which is why it’s 2-1.  I have little else to say, except, if you enjoy my hack writing, you’ll like Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom being translated by Shasu.  Trust me, it’s a very fun read, with a silly main character who is characterized by one line he said.  “The way to make everyone happy is to lie.”

And now, FRANCE!

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-0

We finally hit the first singularity!  Well, I could have left this as a cliffhanger, but I couldn’t think of a way of making a choice that was left in the air between chapters that was more amusing than how I did the ending for this chapter.

I also wonder if the people who work on this game ever heard of this project.  I mean, I post this on the reddit, does anyone working on F:GO read the Reddit, I wonder?  I dare say I’ll never know,

Have you ever had to make up your mind…

Chaldea Untold: Elsewhen Released

This chapter was a “That seems like an idea” chapter.  It birthed itself whole in a single 1 am writing session of pure madness.  There are slight spoilers to the first 7 Singularities, especially a dropped name.  Read at your own risk if you want NOTHING spoiled.


A little tip.  If you see there is no name for the next chapter release, something different is on it’s way.

Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-10 released

Should I put names on these chapters?  Would that make it easier for people to read through them?

Anyway, I’m off my Disco Elysium kick for the moment.  But that got replaced by Death Stranding.  The game is just incredible.  And it is EXACTLY as advertised.  You’re a post apocalyptic courier and you throw your blood at extra dimensional Death Specters that are pretty much forces of nature until they die of blood poisoning (har-har).  It’s not too hard, but it’s terrifying as all hell when you’re traveling and suddenly you get caught in a rain shower and the BTs are all around you… and the only way out is through.

That was the forest in the canyon for me.  I nearly got taken away, but I struggled through while losing some equipment.  The cargo was intact though, so it as fine.  On the return trip I tried climbing the mountainside and was able to avoid the BTs while leaving some climbing equipment behind for others to make use of later on.

Later… I learned that if I’m on an expedition I should bring at least a dozen blood grenades with me and learn to aim better.  Being fast on a bike isn’t enough.