Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-20 and Event 8-1 Released!

Well, I got the second COVID Vaccine shot. Turns out the second dose has the more severe side effects than the first dose! Took 3 days to get over it! The vaccine should be publicly available soon, if not now. Check the website for your state’s public health board for more information. Absolutely don’t call your local pharmacy to see if they have it until you do, because people have been doing that to us a lot and it’s super frikkin’ annoying. We’re busy enough as it is with the hospitals closed off without having to force customers to wait for us to answer the phone for the same repeated question.

And yes, I’m aware my readers are probably not rushing to get the vaccine based on likely age demographics, but most of you have parents, I suspect. Anyway, I busted my hump and cut into my Cyberpunk time to produce a chapter… and a bonus chapter. Three more to go!

Want even more bonus chapters? Check here for details on how to work me into the ground!

P.S. I’m very happy with Event 8-1. And I’m mostly happy with Chapter 2-20. Amadeus was being tossed all over the place regardless of physics in the original story to be everyone’s life teacher, and Ritsuka was pretty much just ignored. So I fixed that. Also, rereading the Arc 1 story, it’s pretty obvious that Arc 1 is the story of Mash Kyrielight, not Fujimaru Ritsuka. Arc 1.5 and 2, however, are about Ritsuka, so far. Perhaps that’s why the writing is much more celebrated in those story arcs?

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