Chaldea Untold: Meanwhile In Chaldea 2

“Hurry up and die, you Mongrel!”

“Just for seeing you with a creepy face!?  I don’t wanna die for such a stupid reason!”

“Are we fine letting them be idiots over there,” asked Emiya, who was indicating Gilgamesh and Cu Lancer, who were in a weapons deadlock that was threatening to explode into even greater violence.

“There’s a lot of sensitive equipment in this room, so if you can stop them, I’d really appreciate it,” said Dr. Roman while scratching the back of his head, admitting that he was utterly powerless over the situation.

“Understood,” said Artoria adamantly while leaking bloodthirst as she manifested Excalibur, and infused it with enough magical power to make it shine like a beacon.  “I will force the both of them into civility.”

“On second thought, please don’t interfere with them, no matter what, King Arthur,” pleaded Dr. Roman.

“How else are you going to get those two to knock it off if’n you don’t force things,” asked Cu Caster from the control panel he’d been assigned to as he briefly looked up from the operations manual he was reading.

“Perhaps if the battle happened in a different place,” said Emiya conspiratorially to Artoria, whose face took on a look of understanding before she nodded in agreement.  Emiya began to concentrate his magical power while telling Artoria to get ready to strike, and began to chant.

I am the bone of my sword.

“Has Master’s battle started yet,” called out Artoria Lily as she burst into the command room at a jog, trying to keep pace with the naturally fast Medusa.  Lily’s face took on a look of worried fretfulness seeing the other Servants in the command room.  “Eh?  Why is everyone fighting?”

“I’d like to know that, too-”

“We’re not fighting,” were Gilgamesh’s words that interrupted Cu Lancer’s.

“But you all have your weapons out,” asked Lily.

“It’s just some light sparring to pass the time,” said Gilgamesh shamelessly.  “If I’d been serious, then this Mongrel would have died with my first strike.”

“Geh.  I think he really believes that,” said Cu Lancer with disgust.

“Anyway, the moment has passed,” said Gilgamesh as he haphazardly dropped the cursed blade that he’d been holding, the sword disappearing into a golden ripple before even touching the floor, and turned away from Cu Lancer to head for the far wall of the command room.

“Is that what happened,” asked Artoria Lily to Cu Lancer.

“Honestly, girlie, I got no idea what goes on in that guy’s head, and I don’t wanna know.”

“More importantly, has Fujimaru-sama begun to fight,” asked Medusa to the room.

“Are you saying my being attacked is unimportant,” asked Cu lancer.  Nobody answered his question.

“Ah, no, we’re about to start the operation,” said Dr. Roman with visible relief that the control room wasn’t going to be ruined again.

“Ah, how negligent of me,” said Gilgamesh from his seat on the giant, opulent, golden throne at the back of the command center.  “Incompetent Director!  I give my permission for the war to begin!

“Th-thank you,” said Dr. Roman weakly.

“Where the hell did that ridiculous seat come from,” demanded Cu Lancer.  Once again, no one answered his question.  Near Dr. Roman however, there was another conversation taking place between a Saber and an Archer.

“It would seem that your Lily form is the key to keeping Gilgamesh on his best behavior.”

“I am loath to agree, Archer.  But it appears that way.”

“With your permission, I’ll start coming up with contingency plans utilizing your Lily form’s adorableness and wholesomeness as countermeasures.”

“Please stop using such flowery words to describe a version of me.  For some reason it’s quite embarrassing…”

“Meuniere, are things ready on your end,” asked Dr. Roman into a mic while pressing a switch.

[Yeah, our two travellers are sealed in and all systems are green.  Da Vinci did a great job getting these things working again so quickly.  They’re good to go at any time.]

“Great.  Osahar, you may initiate the Rayshift as you see fit.”

As the Rayshift was initiated, the Servants began to gather around the view screens that were set up to show the final confrontation that was about to unfold.  For better or worse, the final battle of the First Singularity was about to begin.

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Chapter 2-21 | Chapter 2-22

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