Chaldea Untold: Chapter 1-7

The man with the black bodysuit and red jacket stood up and looked around him before saying in his deep, commanding voice, “It seems the Grail War is considerably advanced if this is how the combat ground has turned out.  Yare, yare. I suppose there’s no need for secrecy at this point.”

“Uh, no, this is,” said Mash trying to explain the circumstances.

“I suppose you’re an Irregular Master, then?  Summoning me this far into a Grail War can only mean as much, after all…”

Well, the situation IS irregular…

“Well, I guess-”

“And who are these two, Master,” asked the man who’d identified himself as an Archer.  “Are they allies of yours, or observers?”

“Wha-?!  I’m Olga Marie Animusphere!  I’m the Director, so you’d better show me some courtesy!”

“Director?  Then I suppose the Church is not overseeing this war…  Anyway, we should get out of the open before other masters catch wind of my Summoning.  Especially if an Assassin is still active. Are you able to move, Master? You’ve been kneeling there for a while now.”

“Ah, yes,” said Ritsuka as he planted a hand on Mash’s shield to support himself as he stood.

“Very good.  Now, do you have a workshop, hideout, or base for us to use?  I’ll need you to inform me of the state of the-”

The red Archer’s words stopped mid sentence as he stood as though transfixed, his gaze looking out into the distance.  There was a silent seriousness to him that Ritsuka could see even with the man’s back turned to him. Perhaps that was the reason why Olga Marie didn’t say anything other than a weak, “Hey, are you alright?”

Ritsuka himself, unable to bear the silence and the wait, walked up next to the red Archer.  The Archer’s face was a mask of started surprise mixed with a little horror. Ritsuka followed the Archer’s gaze to see he was gazing at the mostly intact bridge in the distance that crossed the river dividing the city in Singularity F.  A landmark feature of Fuyuki city. Finally Ritsuka asked, “Mr. Archer? Is something wrong?”

“…What year is it?”

“Uh, it’s twenty seven- no, wait, uh, two thousand and four.”

The red Archer’s muscles coiled like they were about to burst and his jaw clamped shut in barely repressed rage and frustration.  Ritsuka stumbled back a step from the force of anger wafting off the Archer as the man growled out his words.

“Which idiot allowed this to happen?  Master!”


“Which Masters are still active, tell me now!”

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out,” called Olga Marie from the back while stomping towards the red Archer.  Her steps were slightly uneven and while she was putting on a brave front her eyebrows were kneaded together and trembling slightly.  “I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding you’re suffering from, but we’re not a part of a Holy Grail War. We’re from the World Security Organization Chaldea, and the reason we’re here is to investigate all those questions you’re asking!  So- so- so settle down and do what you’re told! I mean, what kind of a Servant doesn’t listen to their Master?”

Both Olga Marie and Mash had moved up to join Ritsuka and the red Archer, Mash moving close to Ritsuka just in case, as the red Archer hung his head for a moment, re-centering himself.

“You’re right, I apologize.  But I still need you to tell me everything you know if I’m going to be of use in this situation.  I’ve not even heard of a group named Chaldea. But that can wait until we find some-”

The surroundings were lit up by a pillar of light, as the winds thrashed and the dust was thrown about.  The three teenagers all squeaked in surprise, and there was a call from nearby that sounded something like a startled “Fou.”  The fourth person, the Archer, stepped around his Master and his allies to put himself between them and the great pillar of light that had appeared near the ruined fountain.  When the light died down, there was a figure kneeling where the disturbance had been.

The most striking features about her were actually colors.  Lavender and black. Her clothing was a pure black strapless cocktail dress with a miniskirt that had a narrow “absolute territory” between the hem of the dress and the black thigh socks she wore.  Combining that with the arm sleeves, most of her body was covered, but the most tastefully alluring parts were bare. And she was definitely alluring. She seemed tall for a woman, as tall as a supermodel and with a body to match.  Her lavender hair was at least as long as she was tall, and it flowed freely down her back. But ruining the perfect beauty of the woman was a fuschia blindfold that was the same color as the accents of her clothing that seemed as though they were binding the woman’s sight against her will, and a red mark, as though that of a curse, carved into her forehead.

As the woman slowly, gracefully stood up, she said, “Servant of the Rider-”

The woman’s face instantly distorted and spikes on the ends of chains appeared in her hands, which she threw directly at the group.

“Look out,” called the Archer, as he struck down the projectiles aimed at his heart with a pair of black and white short swords that had appeared in his hands at some point.


“My shield!”



Olga Marie screamed in surprise.  Mash lamented being unarmed. Ritsuka called out to see if the man who’d protected them was alright.  And the mascot cried out randomly.

The red Archer advanced forward to close in on the lavender haired woman, and the woman closed in on the Archer even faster.  Unbelievably fast. She struck out with a low spinning kick that she followed up with a thrust of her spikes. Red Archer hopped to the side to avoid the kick, deflected the thrust spike to the side with his left shortsword, and thrust a counter attack with the one in his right hand.  The thrust narrowly missed stabbing into the eye of the woman as she tilted her head, cutting a few stands of her hair. The cut strands wafted away in the gentle breeze the movements of the two were creating as both the fighters hopped back to take some distance from each other. And then both of the warriors called out.

“Stay back, Master!  I’ll finish her here!”

“Run away, Master!  This man is dangerous!”

Somehow both of the fighters seemed like they’d been knocked off balance.  Then they called at each other-

“”Who the hell are you calling ‘Master’?!””

Ritsuka released a sound like, “Ah,” and checked his palm.  There was a new stain of blood coating it. And then he looked at Mash’s shield that was still acting as a catalyst in the summoning circle.  He’d definitely placed his hand on there for stability when he stood… and there was a trace of flickering energy radiating around where the bloody palm print had likely vaporized… like when Ritsuka had summoned Archer.

“I already knew you were blind, Demon woman, but I didn’t know you were foolish.”

“Kuh.  Call me such a name again and I’ll show you just how much pain your core can handle before it shatters…”

“Anoooo,” said Ritsuka apologetically to the two high strung combatants who were throwing insults now that they were both apparently trying to keep the other at bay.  “I might be wrong, but I think both of you are my Servant.”

“Oi, Master.  What kind of nonsense are you saying,” called Archer.

“You must be mistaken, Master, there’s no way… what?”

The lavender haired woman finally noticed what Archer said and responded, “But that boy is definitely my Master…”

“That… that can’t be possible,” remarked Archer.  Both of the Servants slowly lowered their weapons in amazement, but kept them ready for combat even through their disbelief.

“Well, nee-san, ah, I mean, Miss?  You were summoned by that circle over there, right?”

“That… that is correct, Master,” said the woman in a gentle tone.

“Well, so was Archer.  And I’m the only person who used that circle.  So, uh, maybe the two of you can stop fighting now?”

Ritsuka showed a tense but peace seeking grin as he shrugged his shoulders in appeal, and finally, since they were both asked to do so by their Master, the two Servants lowered their weapons and took relaxed stances.  The woman and the man saying, “Amazing,” and “Unbelievable.”

Mash cried in wonder, “Incredible, Senpai!  You summoned two Servants!”  A cry that was echoed by a celebratory “Fou” a moment later.

Olga Marie’s face finished twitching as she shouted in unbridled anger, “What the HELL?!”

Chapter 1-6 | Chapter 1-8

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