SCDK Ch 23. …So tired

I made the mistake of enjoying myself playing Tyranny going into Thanksgiving, and that left me with no free days left to spend writing SCDK.  So I had to write after work Friday and Saturday.  I just barely was able to finish to my own satisfaction at a good stopping point (Mwa-ha-ha) and got the final product online last night.  For all the Patreon Backers to read a day before you guys.

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And on that note, I want to publicly thank Revan Aurion for his support!  I hope he enjoys his advanced notifications of my writing.

And another note, Auron puts me very nearly 20% of the way towards the Backer Goal of $50 per chapter, at which point I will create and keep up to date a Glossary and Atlas of the developing world of Stop Calling Me A Demon King!  I’m thinking of having Chaz do all the writing for the Atlas.  It’s important to delegate. Once again, I want to remind everyone, that Patreon Backer goals are opened up for ALL readers to enjoy, as I don’t believe in pay walls. But these rewards for the community will only happen if people start backing me.  After all, I also want to be paid more then 70 cents per hour of work I put into this series…

Hmm.  What have I forgotten…?

Ah well, probably nothing important.  Enjoy yourselves everyone. I know I’m only doing this for your gratification, and the feedback you give me in return!

SCDK Ch. 22 + I Moved House!

So, this Tuesday I was told I was moving.  I’ve been a live in caretaker for a house my mother inherited for the past two years.  I knew the move was coming, but I was expecting more than 48 hours notice.  I worked from 9 am to 7 pm, and did the bulk of all the lifting as we dropped off furniture for a charity case, for Goodwill, to a friend’s house, and finally – sigh – my parent’s basement, where I am now living.

Somehow, I was able to write the next chapter of SCDK while feeling like my body was melting like the Nazi army at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark due to all the muscle strain.  It was painful, though, physically and mentally, to write.  But I couldn’t leave you guys hanging another week.

My Patreon Backers already got the link yesterday.  Only costs a buck per update.  Just sayin’.

I hope you guys appreciate this chapter, since I had to fight the urge to play Tyranny to write it.

No chapter this week. Various.

Writing has something like a gestation period.  You know what you want to do, you have plans for what is going to come next, but you have to get from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.  I call that the “Point A to B Conundrum.”  A lot of writers cut those corners, and it’s obvious when they do.  They write some quick blurb of “With that, we tied up some lose ends at Point A, and then proceeded to Point B, where some other stuff started happening and actual descriptions start picking up again!”  I hate those.  If you can’t write something interesting, then cut it out.  If you can’t cut it out, find a way to make it interesting.

I’m at the point where I have to go from A to B.  And I figured out a way to do that.  But I ran out of time and energy.  Mostly energy.  A couple days ago I worked the front register AND drive through of a pharmacy at the same time for six hours.  I was a human ping pong ball, bouncing from one register to the next, trying to keep lines moving.  My body will adapt in time, but at this point, I’m too weary to finish the next chapter by the time the weekend is over.

With this, I hope the Extra Chapter, the Election Day Special, can be used to sate your appetites for the adventures in my fictional (?) universe.  And with that, please look forward to Extra Chapters that I may (or may not) release in the future.  Such as “Devil Mock to the Other World Parody,” and “Welcome to Maoujanai High School,” as well as backstory, as explained by Chaz.  And yes, I am a psychopath to come up with that kind of crap.  Just roll with it, you’ll be happier that way.

Have a good weekend, and please look forward to next weekend.  I’ll probably have tangible results for you by that time.

No chapter, sorry.

I tried, I really did.  I was hoping I’d be able to pound out an Extra chapter at the very least, but I was unable to do it.  I had two days off last week, but one day was not like a vacation day at all.  That was the day I took the PTCB Exam.

I passed!  So, now I’m a CPhT.  I officially have a career!

So, the fatigue of days working and nights studying hit me all at once, and I still had work and on the job training modules to do for the week.  I’m still recovering and I’m lazing around right now like my batteries are dead.  I’m expecting to have something for you by the next weekend, even if it is not exactly related to Stop Calling Me A Demon King.

On a semi-related note, I’ve finally fleshed out another character I’ll be introducing in the future.  But I have yet to decide the gender.  That will be up to the readers.  Expect the release of a poll in the future, and make your voices heard!  It IS an election year after all.