Chaldea Untold: Summer 2 Special

Ritsuka was determined to pass the goods onto the teams.  There was no way he was going to leave his Servants to rot inside some prison.  He was determined.  Determined…  Deter…

But why conjugal visits!?!

“It can’t be helped,” replied the Ishtar doll.  “This is Mebd we’re talking about here.  Obviously the normal idea of visitations doesn’t exist for her.”

Ritsuka could agree with that, but he also couldn’t agree with it.  The idea of having conjugal visits with the girls from six different teams was just too ridiculous.  To his observation on that, Ishtar replied, “This is Mebd we’re talking about.  Either she won’t care about how many women you’re visiting, or she’ll just give you an encouraging pat on the back.”

With that, even Mash unwillingly gave up.  But she asked Ritsuka not to do anything… scandalous.

* * * * *

“OoooooOOOOOooooohhh,” came the cry from the visitation trailer as the guard moved closer to the door, and unhesitatingly opened it.  He was a guard for Mebd’s prison.  He’d seen it all, and nothing surprised him.

“Visitation time is over,” called the guard with his full authority.  Only to be paralyzed by surprise and confusion.

“Oooooh, man, only a Japanese can clean ears the way they need to be,” moaned Ritsuka from his position with his head on Raiko’s lap while she cleaned his ears with so much maternal power pouring out that any lewdness was completely overwhelmed.

* * * * *

“I knew you were energetic, but I had no idea you wanted to try so many positions,” came the voice from the trailer.  The other one just insisted, “Having you all to myself, of course I’d try everything I could!  Now, onto the next before the guard comes!”

He was already there, though, brutally pushing the door open to call, “Visitation time is over!”  Then the guard was paralyzed by the sight of the two teenagers performing Sentai Warrior poses.

“Ah, looks like we’re out of time, X.  I’ll definitely visit again.”

“It’s sad, but I understand.  Don’t worry, I’ll come up with more positions for us to take after disposing of those cursed Sabers!”

* * * * *

“It’s just so… embarrassing…”

“E..even I’m embarrassed…  But, this is what we’re supposed to do in this kind of situation… right…?”

Wearily, the guard pushed the door open, calling out, “Visitation time is… what are you doing?”

The two were so caught up in gently holding each other’s hands while sitting on the side of the bed, neither one having the courage to look at each other with as much physical distance between them as possible.  The girl with the long black hair said in a fluster, “Don’t get the wrong idea, this is just another form of training for my Disciple!”

* * * * *

The guard pushed open the door amidst the loud, discordant cries of intense labor saying, “Visitation time is ov-”

NO ITS NOT!  Not until I’ve finished my next solo, acapella!”

“No, Nero, I really need to go…”

* * * * *

“Uhuhuhu, I’m having so much fun, teaching you like this…”

“Visitation time is-”

“I understand your passion, but I still don’t really get the concept of Mahatma…”

* * * * *

“Sorry Fran… but I’m through holding back.  Prepare yourself…”

“Nnn!  Nnn!  Ya..da!”

“Visitation time is… over?”

“Aha!  I win,” called the boy after pulling the card, leaving the pink haired girl with the Old Maid.  She collapsed forward in defeat before being consoled by the winner.

The guard was starting to doubt what the trailer was supposed to be used for in the first place…

* * * * *

“No, please… it’s so dirty…”

“Visitation time is- guh?”

“I’m sure they clean the place properly, Scheherazade,” said the boy trying to coax the barely dressed woman with chocolate skin from her position in the corner, shivering in fear.  “I mean, this is Mebd.  She’s bound to take the sanctity of a bedroom seriously.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t risk trusting the hygiene of this place.  I don’t want to die from infection!”

* * * * *

Apprehensive, the guard opened the door, quietly saying, “Visitation time-”

“And now for my next Number One Single!  ‘Burn that shitty temple to the ground!’”

Hell no,” shouted the boy, as he dashed past the guard to escape from the wanna be rocker girl.

* * * * *

“Such soft sheets… it really was worth doing it here…”

“V-visitation time is…”

“They make such good material, my Ally!  You look just like Medjed!  I’m moved,” called out the dark skinned girl with the bunny ear antenna as she praised the bedsheet covered boy.

* * * * *

The guard approached the conjugal visitation trailer and saw it was rocking hard on it’s axles, and breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally, some real debauchery.  With his courage flaring up, he reached for the handle and threw it open, bellowing with the power of a man who’s world was once again right, “VISITATION TIME-

The boy was grunting on the ground, his body pumping up and down as the pale bodied girl smiled in complete satisfaction before the man fell, his stamina completely spent.

“I… can’t go on, Altoria.”

“Keep complaining and I’ll give you another set of 30 push ups!  Next, do thirty Sit Ups!”

* * * * *

“I… think I need to be reassigned.  I’ve seen things today I can’t ever forget,” complained the guard to his buddies at the prison’s bar later that day, all his self-respect having disappeared.

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