CU 2-22 & 2-23 Released



Okay, so now that the chapter links are out of the way, I’m gonna say, I was originally going to write more than this… but I got sick with a massive head cold. Yes. I spent my entire vacation being sick. I’m glad I make a lot per hour in my workplace, otherwise being a Pharmacy Tech wouldn’t be worth it, spending all day, every day, around sick people and getting sick from it. And the second release counts as a bonus chapter because I ravaged myself to get it written.

So, something I’ve wanted to share for a while is HOW I get into the mood to write Fate stuff.


I start by watching that to get into the mood, then I turn on some OSTs from Fate GO, Fate in general, or other works in the Nasuverse to keep me in the mood while I work. Sometimes I go and deliberately switch tracks to get something that more closely matches what I’m working on. For instance, I listened to Zerkalot’s combat theme from Zero on loop for 2 hours while writing his combat with Altoria and Jeanne. It was maddening. And fun.

And YES! Two hours to write something that takes about 5 minutes to read… is actually pretty damn fast! The words were flowing out of my fingers at that time. You can basically assume that any release of mine that is full length took 8 to 10 hours to write. It’s why I say that if you want a personalized chapter, it’s gonna be $80, which equates to $10 per hour of labor at most!

But no one has taken me up on that so it’s moot belly aching. So, instead I relish in the fact that I can weeb out and verbally prance about the fact that I got 3 new SSRs in the Anniversary. GSSR Raiko, Rider DaVinci (with 1 ticket! The Legends are TRUE!?), and Gramps when I felt the Force tell me HE COMES! I am now in QP and Ember hell after getting so many new Servants since the new year. And it’s the best fucking problem I’ve had in a long time.

Working health care in a government shutdown / pandemic is absolute SHIT!

Stay healthy (not safe, get some sun ya newb). Because I don’t wanna see you in my workplace.

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