Chaldea Untold


Fate: Grand Order is a rather wonderful game.  But the fact that’s it’s a Gacha style game means there are severe limitations on who and what can be presented as it’s cast.  This full out Fan Fiction is about giving the blank slate Main Character a personality and back story, as well as giving Chaldea itself the full cast of Heroic Spirit characters it deserves.

This also means that my writing style will not be limited to the game’s pre-existing assets, like many of the game’s enemies, events, and storytelling devices either.  So expect some surprises.

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Chaldea Untold Chapters:

Chapter 0: The Prologue Nobody Asked For

Chapter 1: Singularity F This

Interlude 1

Chapter 2: The Hundred Years Draggin’ On War

Event 8: The Garden’s Out Of Order


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