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This is a site dedicated to producing original works of fiction for people to voraciously consume.  Mainly the story: Stop Calling Me A Demon King, which is about a person who was abducted to another world against his will, and is doing his best to get by… no matter who has to be destroyed in the process.

Eventually, if there is an interest, I will host other people’s original fiction as well on the site.  If you wish to be a contributor, contact me.

For everyone else…

CU New Year’s Special Released!

It was a little bit late, and needed some touch ups. But it’s ready!

Warning, there are spoilers for the Prologue of the second story arc!

So this chapter is double the length of just about every other chapter in the series, and I had to work myself to produce it during some very difficult times. So it’s counting as 2 Bonus chapters. Which balances out because I got Europa and Yang Guifei from the New Year’s Gacha. Two SSR Servants, and I already paid them off!

I’m not counting the GSSR Servant, not because it was guaranteed, but it was the ONLY Servant in the Caster banner that I didn’t want! I don’t have any Limited Casters and they gave me Da Vinci!?! I need support skills, dang it! Sigh… I’m gonna need to use the SSR ticket to get Waver, after all…

Anyway, Happy New Year, and here’s hoping things get a little better. I had the same hope at the start of last year, though… At least we can all be miserable together.

Merry Christmas CU Special!

So merry Christmas to all! I have a gift for you, during technically still Christmas. This is taking the form of a Bonus Chapter, because I literally forced myself to write most of this during this time of really bad worker participation rate. My community has it real bad, and my workplace especially.

But it’s kind of a good thing that I’ve gotten this out because I now owe even more Bonus Chapters! I’ve pulled another NINE SSR Servants since I last updated the totals! I started doing this as a way to call out to Fate and get better rolls by sacrificing something in return… but I never expected THIS!!! I’ve also got a Rolling Method that seems to be doing all the heavy lifting, but it’s still a lot to handle. I’ll have to keep chipping away at my Bonus Chapter Backlog. If you want one that is specific to a character, you can Donate to get that special something, perhaps as a late Christmas Gift for a special someone, or an early Birthday gift?

But no matter what, please try to look forward to New Years. I think there will be something special happening around that time as well.

CU 2-22 & 2-23 Released



Okay, so now that the chapter links are out of the way, I’m gonna say, I was originally going to write more than this… but I got sick with a massive head cold. Yes. I spent my entire vacation being sick. I’m glad I make a lot per hour in my workplace, otherwise being a Pharmacy Tech wouldn’t be worth it, spending all day, every day, around sick people and getting sick from it. And the second release counts as a bonus chapter because I ravaged myself to get it written.

So, something I’ve wanted to share for a while is HOW I get into the mood to write Fate stuff.


I start by watching that to get into the mood, then I turn on some OSTs from Fate GO, Fate in general, or other works in the Nasuverse to keep me in the mood while I work. Sometimes I go and deliberately switch tracks to get something that more closely matches what I’m working on. For instance, I listened to Zerkalot’s combat theme from Zero on loop for 2 hours while writing his combat with Altoria and Jeanne. It was maddening. And fun.

And YES! Two hours to write something that takes about 5 minutes to read… is actually pretty damn fast! The words were flowing out of my fingers at that time. You can basically assume that any release of mine that is full length took 8 to 10 hours to write. It’s why I say that if you want a personalized chapter, it’s gonna be $80, which equates to $10 per hour of labor at most!

But no one has taken me up on that so it’s moot belly aching. So, instead I relish in the fact that I can weeb out and verbally prance about the fact that I got 3 new SSRs in the Anniversary. GSSR Raiko, Rider DaVinci (with 1 ticket! The Legends are TRUE!?), and Gramps when I felt the Force tell me HE COMES! I am now in QP and Ember hell after getting so many new Servants since the new year. And it’s the best fucking problem I’ve had in a long time.

Working health care in a government shutdown / pandemic is absolute SHIT!

Stay healthy (not safe, get some sun ya newb). Because I don’t wanna see you in my workplace.

Chapters are coming

I have a vacation coming up soon, so I’m expecting to be able to do several chapters in a single week. So please look forward to it, because I’m sure as heck looking forward to what’s coming.

And yeah, I can’t afford to delay on my backlog of owed bonus chapters to you all. I owe another three from the last two weeks. Raiko GSSR, DaVinci in 1 Ticket (the legends are true!), and Friend Points Barometer Gramps (34 rolls, four 4 Stars, and Gramps).

My SSR luck has been off the charts this year for the most part, and I’m starting to get worried.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me, and I hope to make it all pay off. Things are slowly getting better at work despite a severe lack of man power in the pharmacy.

CU: Meanwhile 2 Released!

***Link has been fixed!***

A lot can happen in a minute or two…

So this release is a little shorter than others, mainly because chapters are decided by the amount of content they have. I was originally going to hold onto it to released alongside a larger chapter, or a mid week release… but 10-15 hours of overtime this week thought differently.

I’ll hopefully have more for you next week, but my work life is pretty rough. When you’re the forefront effort in the vaccinations of an entire rural region, things go south real fast.

On a lighter topic, I now owe MORE Bonus Chapters! …Yay…?

I owe 3 chapters specifically. The first two are from the Ooku event. I got spooked by Artemis… before buying a Quartz Pack and getting Kama. So, I’m glad about that. I’m slowly sliding towards being a solid Dolphin instead of a Tuna… but every time I see Kama in my line up wrecking shit I can’t help but feel it was worth it.

The 3rd Bonus Chapter comes from getting lucky with Free Quartz to get Okitan. Kama ate ALL my resources, so I haven’t been able to build anyone else up since. …When’s Gilfest?

Explanatory Post: Gilgamesh

So, in the original Epic, Gil was a horrible tyrant who abused his people like disposable, and sexual, livestock. Enkidu kind of smacked some sense into Gil because Enkidu was the first entity that was at the same power level as Gil. The tyranny became far less after that because Gil had discovered the wonders of Bromance.

Fast Forward, Enkidu dies from a curse of the Gods (another reason Gilgamesh isn’t really keen on them aside from his existence being the Gods way of keeping tabs on humans) and Gilgamesh realizes that he’s gonna die one day as well, no matter how powerful he is. So Gil goes on a Journey (that word is important) to obtain immortality. After he achieves this pretty dang impossible task, the herb that gives it was eaten by a snake which caused it to be able to renew its existence by shedding it’s skin. This is the snake skin used as a catalyst to Summon Gil in Fate Zero, and makes a cameo in Stay Night.

Instead of being upset about losing his chance at immortality, or going back to grab another herb, which would have been doable for Mr OP. Gil just kinda chills and accepts that he has limitations and to live within them. After returning from his Journey (Post Journey), Gil is pretty relaxed, has the wisdom to see through all matters, and basically becomes a good ruler… who will still murder your ass if you’re impertinent, but that’s just a King thing, so…

The Gilgamesh in both Zero and Stay Night is Pre-Journey Gilgamesh, a selfish arse who kills whenever his mercurial nature sways that way and easily bored by the crap happening around him. A full out despotic tyrant. So… why was Pre-Journey Gil summoned from a relic that was from the Post Journey phase of Gil’s life? I personally think it’s because Tohsaka Tokiomi’s influence as a master caused that part of Gil to manifest. Lots of pride, ruthless, willing to kill family friends for his own ambition. So, the Master has a lot of influence on the aspect of the Servant being summoned.

Now, the Gilgamesh in Zero is Pre-Journey. Raging D-Bag. So much so that even after spending 10 years in flesh and blood incarnation in the human world from his contact with the Grail, he’s still a raging D-Bag in Stay Night. He’s set his sights on making Artoria his Queen, or at the very least, his regular Saturday Night Thing, with or without her consent. This comes to a head in the Stay Night route where Gilgamesh gets so fed up with his failed courtship attempts that he basically pulls a Mike Tyson and tells Artoria “I will rape you until you love me.”

The two warrior kings then go at each other and, no surprise, because storytelling, Artoria triumphs. Now, in the final moment before he disappears, Gilgamesh reaches out to Artoria and with resignation says, “There are things in this world that cannot be collected after all, which makes them all the more precious.” This is the moment of epiphany that happened to Post-Journey Gil when the Herb was eaten by a snake. So at this moment, Pre-J Gil in the Fate Series becomes Post-J, and only at the moment of his death.

Now, Fate/ Grand Order happens, and all the original cast becomes available for Summoning. I gave as good an explanation for that in my Fan Fic as possible. And Gil is also Summoned. In the FGO universe, I theorize it is the Stay Night Gil from the moment after he became Post-J Gil, so he’s learned his life lesson and is a lot more reasonable, even though he’s the same rapacious Arse he was before. He’s just a bit less murderous and slightly most snuggly. Which is why he’s able to remain in Chaldea without too many problems. He has chilled, and is on the path to becoming the Wise King that CasGil is.

The reason I wrote this thesis is because there is a part of the Reddit Board that exploded in debate over Gilgamesh and his character. So, thank you all for reading and I hope this has been helpful.

Chaldea Untold 2-21 released!

So I was so exhausted from working a retail pharmacy that is at the forefront of the vaccination efforts for an entire rural region that it took the entirety of a vacation for me to recover enough to be creative. So, now I finally have a chapter of CU ready for you all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bonus chapter out later today, but it’s a near run thing time wise, because I return to work tomorrow. But I got three 5 Star Servants since my last post so I need to work on cutting down those owed chapters. Orion Spook, Kama, and Okitan. Super happy camper over here… but my plan to penalize myself with Bonus Chapters seems to be working too well to turn the Gacha in my favor…

There’s some Salt in this one!

Chaldea Untold Chapter published; Happy Early Valentines

So I’m working this weekend, so I got this done early. I might have something else later, but it depends on how soul crushing this weekend is. Don’t get your hopes too far up. I will be alerting the Redditers about the chapters on Sunday as a Valentines Gift for them, so the people who are subscribed get early notice. It pays to get instant notification!

I’m loving the voiced Valentines scenes. I worked as a QC for anime subtitling groups, a Typesetter for Scanlation groups, and an Editor for Novel Translation groups, so having access to the raw, extended, soundbites of the characters is really helping me to understand them better. And BTW, Scathach is adorable. So is Shiki. And Mordred. And many others. It’s unfortunate that I will never be able to include everyone in Valentines events in CU, but I’m sure you can find them on Youtube.


No chapter; But there is something

I just got off 8 days of work in a row, so I don’t have creative juices right now. Besides, I’m busy unlocking voices Valentine scenes, and the current event in Girls Frontline. The Grind Is Real! And speaking of Grind, if there are people looking for a pretty easy, but deceptively deep cell game, I suggest Romancing Saga; Re UniverSe. The current Gacha reroll target is Byunei, which is a meta character that will last long into the future. The game has the best sound track out there (I’d actually say it ties with the symphonic versions of Fate’s soundtracks) and a story line that is entertaining for me in multiple different ways. New versions of characters you already got inherit their stats, making things a LOT easier with Power Creep. I highly rate it.

Possible End:

With Chaldea officially closed and no more dangers left to be fought to protect humanity, Ritsuka and Mash found themselves out in the world again.

“It really is huge, Senpai,” said Mash in wonder.

“Yeah,” responded Ritsuka, also with a feeling of wonder as he looked on the finally completed complex he’d built int he Japanese countryside he’d been assigned ownership of as a mage by the Clock Tower. The multiple buildings were a combined residence, training facility, dormitory, mini-office park, vehicle hanger, and everything else Ritsuka could think that would be needed. Da Vinci and Holmes had presented the requested blueprints proudly at their final farewell. And it had taken 10 months for the compound that Ritsuka’s massive accumulated paychecks had paid for to be completed.

“Shall we step inside,” asked Ritsuka. Fou already dashed in and was enjoying the open space by skitting everywhere it wanted. Ritsuka and Mash followed him in, and began exploring the empty, lonely, structure. The first inspection was quick, as the two now 20 something couple couldn’t deal with the oppressive atmosphere of emptiness, despite the fact that there was furniture already in place. The two eventually found their way to a surprisingly comfy couch, and the two nodded to each other. With that, Ritsuka spoke to the air.

“Alaya. I want to make a deal.”

If it had been almost anyone else, nothing at all would have happened. But since it was the multi-savior of the world and other worlds who was calling-

A red tear in reality that fomented and fluctuated appeared, with a voice coming out of it.

What type of deal do you wish to make with the collective will of humanity itself? What form of power do you seek in order to become one of my Guardians.

Mash clasped Ritsuka’s hand while Fou’s back hair bristled. Ritsuka feigned calm as he said, “That’s not the kind of deal I’m offering.”

The tear in reality was silent for a moment before saying, “Speak.

“My world’s dimension is safe, at least for now. But I know from experience that there are any number of worlds on the brink of disaster. Often times from the power of Grails. Mash, Fou, and I are offering to solve those problems for you; our way. And for every one of your problems we solve… you will allow us to return with one of our Heroic Spirit friends, incarnated as a human. But there will be conditions.”

And who are you to give conditions to me,” asked the Collective Will of Humanity.

“I think my track record speaks for itself,” said Ritsuka, pretending to be braver than he actually was. It seemed to work, because the tear in reality did not explode, but merely said, “State these conditions.

Ritsuka breathed a sigh internally, and started on his list.

“First, we will be returned here, to our home and base of operations after every excursion. Second, any physical damage we receive in these excursions will be completely healed on our being returned, including death. Third, the Heroic Spirits who are incarnated will carry all the memories of our time together working with Chaldea; because we’re doing this for the sake of our friends, not strangers who wear the same face. Fourth, those incarnated will have the bodies that they wish for; this is especially important for people like Serenity who longs to live without a body of poison. Fifth, we will be returned to the same time as when we departed on each excursion and we will not be aged by however much time we were on the excursion, so that we do not have to retire from our missions due to excessive aging. And finally…

We decide when we’re done going on these excursions to save worlds. Not you.”

It as a pretty tall order of requests. It was effectively putting zero risk on Ritsuka and Mash, while placing great burden on Alaya to twist time and space to their needs. But apparently, it wasn’t a dealbreaker.

Your conditions are acceptable, however, there are counter conditions. One; the Servants who are incarnated must be the ones who are summoned and aid you in your task at the battlefields you are sent to. Two; if the Servant perishes in the battlefield, they cannot be incarnated, at least from that ‘excursion.’ Three, I will be the one selecting the battlefields you travel to. Four, I am not required to explain that which needs to be done at each battlefield. Five, any of my Guardians who incarnate as a human… will return to service after their lifespan comes to an end. Six, should you befriend more Heroic Spirits who are your opponents, you cannot incarnate them without having them summoned as an ally in a later ‘excursion.’ Are these conditions acceptable?

The counter conditions were harsh, no doubt about it. The sixth one practically guaranteed that Ritsuka and Mash would be fighting far longer than they anticipated, it was going to be impossible for them to not make new friends along the way. With a quick check, Mash nodded in determination to Ritsuka’s glance.

“We accept your conditions on the clarification of your first condition. You said, the Servants we fight alongside. Plural. Meaning that depending on our performance, we can incarnate multiple Heroic Spirits as a reward for victory?”

Yes, that is so.

“Heh. Dangling a carrot already?”

As the Collective Will of Humanity, I understand that incentives provide greater work quality. Are the two of you ready to depart?

“Yes,” said the couple in unison, with the animal chiming in with a ‘Fou.’ The tear in space widened, and the scene of a metropolitan city with a skyscrapers dominating the sky played out on the other side. As Ritsuka and Mash stepped through, Alaya said, “Welcome to your first Grail War as part-time Counter-Force Guardians.

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-20 and Event 8-1 Released!

Well, I got the second COVID Vaccine shot. Turns out the second dose has the more severe side effects than the first dose! Took 3 days to get over it! The vaccine should be publicly available soon, if not now. Check the website for your state’s public health board for more information. Absolutely don’t call your local pharmacy to see if they have it until you do, because people have been doing that to us a lot and it’s super frikkin’ annoying. We’re busy enough as it is with the hospitals closed off without having to force customers to wait for us to answer the phone for the same repeated question.

And yes, I’m aware my readers are probably not rushing to get the vaccine based on likely age demographics, but most of you have parents, I suspect. Anyway, I busted my hump and cut into my Cyberpunk time to produce a chapter… and a bonus chapter. Three more to go!

Want even more bonus chapters? Check here for details on how to work me into the ground!

P.S. I’m very happy with Event 8-1. And I’m mostly happy with Chapter 2-20. Amadeus was being tossed all over the place regardless of physics in the original story to be everyone’s life teacher, and Ritsuka was pretty much just ignored. So I fixed that. Also, rereading the Arc 1 story, it’s pretty obvious that Arc 1 is the story of Mash Kyrielight, not Fujimaru Ritsuka. Arc 1.5 and 2, however, are about Ritsuka, so far. Perhaps that’s why the writing is much more celebrated in those story arcs?