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This is a site dedicated to producing original works of fiction for people to voraciously consume.  Mainly the story: Stop Calling Me A Demon King, which is about a person who was abducted to another world against his will, and is doing his best to get by… no matter who has to be destroyed in the process.

Eventually, if there is an interest, I will host other people’s original fiction as well on the site.  If you wish to be a contributor, contact me.

For everyone else…

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-16 released!

I was able to clear out the shop in the Qualifiers. That and the grind at work killed my motivation to keep grinding today, so I set my cell phone aside and lost myself in creating emotion. So, this early chapter is thanks to the fact that I got a few days off before taking the weekend shift.

And I’m slightly rambling. I rent my emotional being this time. I had the F/GO music performed in a live concert going this time to help me stay in the mood to write, and even then I had 2 and 1/2 emotional roller-coasters I sent myself on.

I’m tired…

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-15 Released!

I also updated the donation guide and results of donating. Once the cumulative result of donations reaches $80, a bonus chapter of Chaldea Untold will be written and released in addition to regular chapters. I won’t fudge that stuff, guys, so don’t worry.

I hope everyone is amped for Gilfest! Get your farming Servants primed, and remember, you select your Event Support group by pressing the “Event” button while that Support list is shown. Don’t accidentally set your regular Support List as your Event, please.

274668698 if you want to Follow your semi-favorite author of Fate Fanfics.

Enjoy the read! This is really something that bugged me in the original story, so I’m glad I got to hash it out here.

No Chapter This Week: Too Angry to Write

I’ve had a terrible week. Overworked at the pharmacy because the hospital is refusing to dispense to non-employees in their pharmacy (fuck you COVID), the wildfires in California have displaced people, and they’re getting their meds from us (every pharmacy in the city is massively overloaded), I had to get a new doctor for the workplace injury I have going on (too 5 months just to get a physical doctor, fuck you telemed), and I had a sudden change to my work shift time that couldn’t have come at a worse time, because it bumps up against all my physical therapy appointments.

Now, I originally was going to be able to write this weekend, because I used Stardew Valley as a means of chilling out all yesterday… after I bought and set up a new mesh point to take care of an ongoing wifi connection problem in my home that I had to take care of RIGHT NOW because Android’s software update tied my phone’s wake up alarm to the incoming call volume, so I nearly missed work twice this last week! Meaning I had to buy an easy to use alarm clock that could have it’s wake up time constantly changed to match my non-stable schedule, so I got a Lenovo smart clock that retains it’s info through blackouts by being connected to a google account through the internet. It’s really nifty and easy to set alarms for. The Mesh Node was a pain in the ass, but I got it all done Saturday.

And by Sunday all that work had imploded and I had to deal with it all over again because the ISP’s supplied router is complete shit, and I can only hope that the same thing doesn’t happen again now that I’ve taken additional precautions on Set Up.

Short story: Fuck this world and everything in it that I have not personally constructed from the ground up. I’m gonna Stardew it until I’m chill enough for retail torture tomorrow.

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-14 Released!

As promised, here’s the next chapter!

It feels like this one turned out good. I got that sweaty, jittery, post-nightmare shakes from finishing this one up. That’s how I know I destroyed myself in the way that gets a good chapter. Let me know if I’m wrong so I can do better in the future.

On a different topic, a little while ago someone plagiarized my novel, Stop Calling Me A Demon King. He called it something pathetic like “The Reaver King.” The guy never even read it, I dare say, and put it up on Kindle and Amazon. I got it taken down and my intellectual property identified, but I feel bad for people who paid good money for what was basically a poorly edited blog instead of what I intend for a physical copy to be complete with bonuses and corrections.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the next event. What do you do after you finish farming? Start farming!

Chaldea Untold Bonus Chapter: Event 8-0

I am planning to release another chapter tomorrow. This chapter is being released as a bonus for the fact that I rolled a 5 star Servant. From this point on, every 5 star Servant I get will result in a Bonus Chapter of Chaldea Untold. If you want to increase the likelihood of a bonus chapter, or get a sure fire bonus chapter, check my new Donation Guide for CU.

So I’ve recently had some very good luck with my Friend Point Barometer rolling method. The method is, I roll the Friend Points Gacha infrequently until I see if the RNG of the game is currently geared towards spitting out Servants and higher rarity cards in that order of importance, and then roll on the banner to try and get something.

In Summer 2, I one 10-Rolled Assassin Nitocris.

In Summer 3, I two 10 Rolled Mebd on the first day’s group banner. And then on the individual rate up, I two 10 rolled XX.

I was going to save my Quartz because I missed the last solo rate up for Ushiwakamaru, but I got a FP gacha roll so good (4 Servants and 2 non-ember 3 star cards), I knew that I’d get something out of the banner even if it wasn’t what I wanted. So I dropped a single 10 roll.

And I got Jeanne Archer. Which is especially good, because the only 5 star Archer I have is Arjuna from being spooked while rolling for Squirtoria in Summer 1 a few years ago.

So, in 180 Quartz, I got three 4 star Servants, and one 5 star servant. All of them limited availability.

And yes, this is a bit of a shit post, but I put 8 hours into preparing it, and hoping to share a method people can try if their salt is getting out of hand. I’ve seen a lot of people lose faith very graphically in RNGesus, so for those people, maybe give this a try. It requires self discipline, which isn’t a bad thing to have in a gacha game.

No Chapter This Week

I did 7 work days in a row and now I’m grinding the Summer 3 event like I’m a Mangaka with a deadline.  It really feels like that with the hellish grind I’m doing.  I average 9,000 Doujin Influence per 3-4 turn 40AP session, and it’s going to take about 300 runs for me to max out the event for the Crystallized Lore, which I WANT.

Thank god I have some vacation days where I’m going to be doing nothing but relaxing soon.  I might have the energy to write and post a few chapters by the time it’s done, assuming my laptop is still working.

…750,000 influence and I still haven’t finished the Story Quests of the event.  This is Granblue Fnatasy levels of grind, gentlemen.  I dunno if I should be happy that I have so many Apples on hand.

On the other hand I have MLB copies of each of the three +% Influence CEs from the event.  Motivation on Rider Ishtar, Imagination on CasGil, Technique on AssNito (Dat Final Ascension form *Chef Kiss*).

User ID is 274,668,698 if you want to follow.

You can try and Friend me as well, but I’m still vetting the applications before I accept another.  I usually give applicants at least a week to see if they play consistently and care about their Servants.

Chaldea Untold: Summer 2 Special

To celebrate my obtaining a Summer Nitocris at the last minute, I give you a special bonus!

With my patented Friendship Rolling barometer method, I instantly swiped over and dropped a 10 roll on the Summer gacha.  Low and behold, on the group draw on the second to last day, my Assassin Bunny came home!  Honestly, she was the only one I was willing to let myself try and hope for.  I’m very happy.

Enjoy some Chaldea Untold during the Maintenance!

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-13 released!

Ghost of Tsushima is really fucking good.  If Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t come out this year, it’ll be a major contender for Game of the Year.

I have a process now for writing Chaldea Untold.  First, I figure out exactly what I want to do in the chapter.  I do this by reviewing the original story and understanding how my version would be different.  Then, I watch the 4th Anniversary promotional video over and over again until it makes me cry from how much densely packed love there is for the universe there is in there.  (It happens faster than you’d think.)  It’s at that point I’m in the best frame of mind to write about Fate.  Then I turn on Fate OSTs in the background while I write, to keep me from breaking my mental state for as long as possible.

The act of looking at the world from multiple different viewpoints, personalities, and mentalities is a result of my stage acting training and natural insanity.

This chapter here is a result of that method of writing.  I hope you enjoy.