Hello New Readers

This is a site dedicated to producing original works of fiction for people to voraciously consume.  Mainly the story: Stop Calling Me A Demon King, which is about a person who was abducted to another world against his will, and is doing his best to get by… no matter who has to be destroyed in the process.

Eventually, if there is an interest, I will host other people’s original fiction as well on the site.  If you wish to be a contributor, contact me.

For everyone else…


Chaldea Untold 1-12 released. So no one wants a .pdf?

Well, there was absolutely no response to my question previously about .pdf preferences, so it seems there is no one who wants a downloadable .pdf of Stop Calling Me A Demon King.  That saves me effort.

In the mean time, I’ve used the time I was being frustrated by a .pdf to write another installment of Chaldea Untold.  Things are getting heated up in this one.


Chaldea Untold 1-11 released + .pdf poll

I’m having a hell of a time getting a pdf made. I’ll be getting in contact with Google tomorrow to try and troubleshoot, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll need to look into other options.  But I want to do a poll:

  1. Who would want a .pdf of book 1, but only if there are no water marks on it?  It would be free for readers, of course.
  2. Who would want a .pdf of book 1, and doesn’t care if there is a water mark on it, because I used a free program to make it?  It would be free for readers, of course.

And for people who are here for the Fate: Grand Order fiction (all three of you), can you figure out the Servants and their Classes?



So I spent a few days working on getting the format done, and slightly updated content for a PDF version of the entirety of the public release works for Stop Calling Me A Demon King book 1.  I have it ready to do on Google Docs right now. Over 220 pages.  But when I select “Download As pdf”… I get nothing.  Perhaps because of the size of the file…?


So… does anyone have information on a free program I can use to make a .pdf to share with everyone?

CU Chapter 1-10 released

So, I’m glad I held off on Anthem.

The thing that’s keeping me from playing it isn’t a lack of end game content, it’s more the fundamentals.  The randomness of loot dropped is far too random.  The reports of far too many and far too long loading screens (I was expecting the final release to be better than the public Demo).  And the inability to go back and replay story missions.  That last one was HIGHLY unexpected for me, and easily the biggest turn off.

So, what, Bioware, you’re saying I have to expunge my data and lose all my ONLINE PROGRESS to replay your story, which, being Bioware, is the most important part of ALL of your games?

Bye, Felicia.

Well, I’m starting to fall back into the Writing Groove again.  So, I think my next project is going to be to release a PDF file of Stop Calling Me A Demon King – Book 1: Unwelcome.  It’ll be a PDF of the Online version, and will be able to be downloaded for free.  The final version, after my re-writes and additions will need to be paid for.

And now the content none of you want to read!

Let’s Get Biblical

CU Ch 1-9 released

Another reason I’m doing Chaldea Untold is for practice in various writing scenarios.  It’s able to move at such a clipper pace sometimes that I can get a lot in to one little bit, and see if I did it well.  It can only improve my writing ability… one hopes.  But either way, it’s practice.

Trace. On.

Chaldea Untold Chapter 1-8 released


This has been an exhausting 2 weeks.  No concurrent days off from work, terrible work schedules, and being on my feet dealing with customers for 10 hours straight!  I was so exhausted that I was violently ill the other night!  Yay sleep!  Sleep, banzai!

I gave myself a treat and wrote some more today.  I’ve decided to share it with all of you.  Lots of exposition, but I hope I presented it well.

Where did that come from?!

Chaldea Untold 1-7 released

I got some very positive feedback on the Reddit pages for the first time, and that got me writing the next bit.  Also didn’t hurt that I had the day off.  For people who enjoy Japanese online novels that include mind bending plot lines, I truly suggest watching Fate: Unlimited Blade Works.  It’s not required for this read, as I’m making the series as approachable as possible… but there WILL be spoilers I include in Chaldea Untold eventually and I don’t recommend having my fiction be your entry point to those spoilerific parts of the Fate series if you have any interest in it.