CU: Meanwhile 2 Released!

***Link has been fixed!***

A lot can happen in a minute or two…

So this release is a little shorter than others, mainly because chapters are decided by the amount of content they have. I was originally going to hold onto it to released alongside a larger chapter, or a mid week release… but 10-15 hours of overtime this week thought differently.

I’ll hopefully have more for you next week, but my work life is pretty rough. When you’re the forefront effort in the vaccinations of an entire rural region, things go south real fast.

On a lighter topic, I now owe MORE Bonus Chapters! …Yay…?

I owe 3 chapters specifically. The first two are from the Ooku event. I got spooked by Artemis… before buying a Quartz Pack and getting Kama. So, I’m glad about that. I’m slowly sliding towards being a solid Dolphin instead of a Tuna… but every time I see Kama in my line up wrecking shit I can’t help but feel it was worth it.

The 3rd Bonus Chapter comes from getting lucky with Free Quartz to get Okitan. Kama ate ALL my resources, so I haven’t been able to build anyone else up since. …When’s Gilfest?

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