SCDK Ch 25 released! …Finally

So, my editing an entire chapter every night for my uploading to Royal Road Legends has really hit my writing schedule hard.  Then there has been an upswing of hours at work (good) which has left me without time to really plan out what I really wanted to do with the next several chapters.  Because, as I’m sure you all know by now, I don’t believe in empty content.  Except for Maoujanai High School.  Such glorious wasted content…

SO!  I won’t be moving to RRL, my fiction will be released here first and foremost.  After being published here (with Patreon Backers getting first crack at the content) I will publish the chapters on RRL for those folks to enjoy as well.  So no one will be getting left out of the loop.


Sorry, no chapter for 2 weeks in a row.

I will definitely be making it up to you.  WITH AWESOME. But not yet.  I mean, I’ve been brainstorming the next 4 chapters and finally found the way I’ll be doing it, and the next chapter is 80% complete with content that I know a lot of people have been waiting for, the definitive answer to a question that has been running around people’s heads.

Not saying what it is, though.

The reason I have not finished that chapter?  I’ve been re-editing every chapter of SCDK for posting up on Royal Road Legends in between work hours and exhaustion.  I should be asleep right now but for my feelings of extreme guilt for not delivering for you guys.

…I also may need to make a quick flow chart with planning out my next chapters so I don’t leave anything out, the timeline needs to be right.  I think you guys know this by now, but I don’t do empty content.

Maoujanai Ch 2

Sorry for how late this is.  Had a busy week at work on top of winter storm conditions.  I had to park my car a block from my home and walk the rest of the way uphill wearing scrubs.  I walked through an ice storm wearing pajamas, people!  I’m earning my money!

So, yeah, draining week.  And I’m also fueling my drive for the next chapter, which will be so big I’ll have to divide it up like I did for Wheels Within Wheels.  I’ll have some back to back days off in the future and hopefully I’ll make progress at that time.

In the mean time, I was able to wrestle up some silliness, and write Maoujanai chapter 2.  Enjoy!

Oh. And Stop Calling Me A Demon King has posted 9 chapters on Royal Road Legends, and already gone from 5000th place to 380th, with 4.72 / 5 Stars.  I dunno if that’s a testament to my writing or a condemnation of the average submission to that website, but I BE HAPPY!