Chaldea Untold: Garden 1

Well now, these are some pretty interesting developments.  I was all but certain it was checkmate, but this kid has a little bit of potential in him.  But it does make me wonder, why does the fate of the world always end up resting on teenagers?  Though I suppose I’m not in a position to talk after what I did…

Well, that is that, and this is this.  Let’s take a closer look at this Ritsuka boy…

Hmm.  Those are certainly strange Magic Circuits.  I suppose being a Master is the only thing that suits a body like that.  But is that a natural occurrence, or did the Collective Will of Humanity have a hand in it?  And as for his Origin as a magician… One Who Forms Bonds?

That’s.  So.


Really, if he’s going to be the protagonist for the only thing I can watch now, at least be more interesting!  Even if it’s not a decent Origin, have some backbone, some wildness to your personality, or a secret past! Or be the descendant of a dragon like that girl was.  Really, being nothing more than an ordinary human? There’s a limit to my ability to suspend my disbelief that he’s going to be taking on that thing’s plans.  Especially when the kid’s already used one of his three Command Seals.

It makes me want to complain to the producers.


Well, maybe there’s something I can do on my end.  With that girl’s Conceptual Weapon it’s not like I’m completely unrelated, after all.  Hmmm…

Well, being the Master of that item would place Ritsuka into a rather unique category.  And he’s already become the Master of several Heroes… maybe I can use their link to the Throne to steal, ah no, siphon some extra power.  After all, the Command Seals are granted by the Throne, so it’s just a little bit of continuous support. I’ll call it “King’s Tribute.”

Ah?  Seems the Throne isn’t rejecting my linking the kid?  Maybe I could take a little for myse- OW OW OW OW!

Okay!  Geez! Guess I’ll settle for only the kid getting free juice here, since it looks like the Throne is only willing to make an exception for him.

Perhaps because of his Origin…?  Hmm. Maybe he’ll be entertaining to watch after all.

I’ll make some popcorn for tomorrow.

Chapter 1-21 | Chapter 1-22

2 thoughts on “Chaldea Untold: Garden 1

  1. Actually Command Seals aren’t made by the Throne. They’re made by the summoning System. The Throne is just a database, and the summoning system calls the throne for spirits to fill the class containers, except in the case of some of Chaldea’s summonings that involve things that aren’t true (Like JAlter or Shiki and others), in which case Chaldea uses its own database to reproduce the already encountered Saint Graph.

    What I’m getting at is, Command Seals vary according to the different summoning systems, and in Chaldea’s case the Command Seals aren’t as absolute as say, Fuyuki’s Command Seals, so Chaldea’s are only a big lump of magical energy empowering the Servant, while Fuyuki’s are the bullshit ones that are super precious and allow for teleporting and shit. An advantage of Chaldea’s weaker system though, is that Command Seals are (more) easily renewable.


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