CU 0-5 published

I know I said I wouldn’t be doing another release for a while… but apparently I’m a dirty liar.  I just couldn’t wait to get this out into the world.

So, with this chapter, I wonder if you can all see why I like this game so much.  Just so you know, there’s no bad time to get into Fate: Grand Order, and earlier is better if only for the freebies and event rewards.  ALL the writing is incredible, and that’s coming from ME!

What’s that?  Umm, okay, so I guess the endorsement of a random fiction blogger doesn’t actually mean much… but it’s good stuff!  I’ll even befriend people if you leave your Friend ID number on the website.


CU 0-4 Released

I’ve had a few days off from work, and despite the caffeine withdrawal (God my head hurts) I’ve had enough time to write another quick something something.  It’s gonna be a week before I have anything else, however.  For very, very nerdy reasons that even you, my friendly (?) readers would roll your eyes at.

So I’m glossing over MUCH of the exposition in this series, since I don’t want to be plagiarizing Type Moon for my writing.  For in depth information about the plot and the gizmos in it, I suggest playing Fate: Grand Order on a smartphone of computer emulator.  It’s super fun, and super in depth.  Plus, many waifus and husbandos.  Lots for everyone to enjoy.


CU 0-3 added

Work is calming down, but Grind in various games killed my sleeping hours.  Chaldea Untold is turning out to be great Rehab for me, literarily speaking.  It’s getting me back into the habit of thinking, “Yeah, I can write something in this free two hours I have.”

I have something else I want to finish before I get back to my efforts on SCDK.  But I can finally see some hope for my writing future now.  In the mean time, the main character has finally entered the beginning of the Fate:GO game.  Don’t worry, I’m not the type to transcribe a game’s text and claim it to be entertainment.  There is plenty of originality to be contained in my fiction, though it be of the fan variety.

CU 0-3

CU 0-2

I had nothing better to do today while still feeling like shit, so I sat in front of a computer and punished myself by writing.  Hopefully this chapter will give more of an idea of what I’m gonna be doing with this series, where the original game had a mostly silent protagonist.

Once I have free time and DON’T feel like shit, I’ll start revamping the navigation for the site, and adding a locked reference page for SCDK to help me out with writing it again in the future.  Why is it locked?  Because Patreon has not met it’s goal for people to get access to it. 🙂

Well hey, we’ve reached Chaldea today!

Yorokobe, shounen!

CU 0-1

God. I’d forgotten how much fun writing was.  Even just stupid little silly things like this.  And the site management navigation seems a lot more intuitive than before, so that’s fun as well. Feels like this is the springboard I need to finally getting Demon King on the right track.  Thank god I forced my workplace to give me fewer hours per day.

Well, I’ve settled on a chapter numbering system for this series.  It’ll make sense in the future.

Here’s your next Tic-Tac.

New fluff series – Chaldea Untold

I need to keep my hand in writing.  More specifically, I need to get warmed back up and into proper Fiction Trim.  So, I’m not hesitating to introduce a side project that requires little dedication, no content minimums, and a chance for me to be absolutely crazy in my writing.  I want to be in full swing when I get that chance to write more Stop Calling Me A Demon King, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So, if you enjoy the Fate series of games and anime, you’ll probably have fun with it.  But Hopefully I’ll be able to make it fun without prior knowledge.  I’ll also be posting links to the series in the Fate: Grand Order Reddit channels, so there may be an influx of new people to the site.  I hope everyone gets along and plays nice together.  And if you don’t, at least make the fireworks show interesting for me.

Trace! On!