Chaldea Untold: 1-9 released

Okay, here’s the next chapter.  I’ve done over 300 pages for this series now.  Don’t worry, I don’t consider it my flagship project.  I see myself getting fed up with this after finishing France and getting down to brass tacks on Demon King, getting it ready to become a book.  In the mean time though… what did you guys think was going to be the game that would be played?

Game on!

Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-8 released

So a reader asked if I was going to be introducing characters outside the sequence of the story.  I guess this is a response to it?

Also, I think I need to follow up on my endorsement of Another Eden, as a cell phone game.  I was all praise and butterflies earlier.  But now I’ve hit the “Fuck You Wall” of the game.

It’s not a pay wall.  It’s a Fuck You Wall.

The difficulty ramp in the game took a very sharp upturn after returning to the Present.  Now, ordinarily that’s nothing unusual.  But in this game, like with SNES RPGs, the damage you accumulate in combat remains with you.  Which is why there is healing options in the menu.  Recovery items, healing spells, and so on.

I said before, the game has no inventory.  No no recovery items.  Turns out you can’t heal with magic outside of combat.  There seems to be a “Food” system that lets you heal, but it seems like a limited use thing and was never explained, so I don’t dare to use it.

And now I’ve hit a high difficulty area that requires characters of a certain strength with elemental attributes to match the enemies, with a 2 chain boss fight at the end.  Normally, in console RPGs you just build a team and carry through the game with them.  That’s not a set up you can do in Another Eden.  You have to have a Boss Fight team, and then Level Exploration teams that will get you TO the boss fight, in order to fight without exhausting your HP and MP.  Meaning, you need characters so you have to Roll the Gacha.

Fair enough, I say.  I was rolling it anyway and the only thing you get from the gacha is characters.  Duplicates just increases the strength of the character so that’s also fine.

However, a HEALER is indispensable to long term fighting in the game, such as in a boss fight.  And you get a single healer for free as a story character, and they are the weakest ranking, 3 star with the ability to be promoted to 4 star after a LOT of grind.  And she has only 1 elemental affinity.  Meaning, you have to roll the Gacha if you want better healers.  Which is a big Fuck You.

So, the game is all nice and approachable, but there is an insidious trap inside that gets you invested and then you start crashing headfirst into a wall you can only solve by obtaining more of, and the correct type of, characters that have to be rolled for.  Meaning how difficult the game is really just falls down to how lucky the player is, and how much cash they will drop.

Also, grinding.  Because you have to get those new characters up to an appropriate level to be useful.  At least there’s a 5% chance of a SSR 5 star instead of the 1-3% chance of other games.  But the game is still giving you the middle finger.

Also, it has the shittiest Fishing mini-game I’ve ever played.

Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-7 released

When did I ever say this had a set release schedule?

Well, it seems I have a big following in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan compared to the rest of the world (Shout out to the far east, thanks for the unique cultures that make the world more diverse!) so I decided to try and publish the morning after completion instead of the midnight of to see what happens.