Cast Page

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do not read any of this unless you are caught up on the story and wish to remind yourselves of who the characters are.  There will be spoilers.  You have been warned.



The story is currently being seen through the eyes of this character.  He is currently over six feet tall, brown haired, glowing red eyed, and even though he has fairly wide shoulders he possesses a rather thin and unremarkable musculature.  He is the type of person who prefers acting on logic, while quietly embracing his own emotions deep within himself, and has a talent for completely ignoring things he doesn’t feel like thinking about.

Since his abduction, Xander learned he can use a unique kind of Wind Magic.  He has been unable to find any kind of physical weapon he is comfortable using in combat, and everything powered by magic breaks as soon as he touches it.  He’s not bitter about it or anything.  Nope. Nuh, uh.



The other abductee that survived the process of crossing dimensions, Aase is a young blonde lady about five and a half feet in height.  Her hair hangs down to her shoulders and her eyes are a vivid violet.  She seems to come from somewhere in eastern Europe, judging by her accent, and is wearing blue jeans, all weather boots, and a cream colored sweater.  Little else is known about her.


Mercedes Fohn:

The researcher who created and operated a magical device / magic circle that summoned people from other worlds.  She finally succeeded in summoning people without killing them.  Finally.

She has dark brown hair that she seems to neglect often, brown eyes, and dusky features overall, as though she was from a Mediterranean-like culture.  While her outer appearance is fairly attractive, it suffers from her own apathy and neglect.  Her personality is also a minus as she seems to hold little value for human life, or for other people or any subject that does not directly involved her subject of obsession; extra-dimensional transport. Which means that Xander and Aase are directly connected to her subject of obsession.


Daphne Rogrend:

The Medic Healer of the installation where Xander and Aase were summoned into, it is not yet apparent what her former position in the Fulchas military was.  She stands at about five foot four, has light brown hair she prefers to braid down the back while leaving her bangs free on the front, and green eyes,

Daphne and Xander have not had much of a chance to get to know each other, but she seems professional and cares greatly about the well being of others.


Fulchas ‘ 78th Platoon

Sergeant Callic Moraan:

A Wolf Beastman with ash grey fur.  The hair on his body is located in the same locations and in the same concentrations as those of a regular human male, but the hair atop his head is definitely stiffer and more bristly than your average human.  His attitude is also stiffer and more bristly as well, as he seems to have anger management issues and a tendency towards physical confrontations.

Appears to be in a romantic relationship with Iyleen Burkt, and greatly dislikes Xander.


Private Iyleen Burkt:

A sandy blonde haired young woman under Callic Moraan’s command, her fiery attitude seems to be a match for, or perhaps an advantage over, Callic’s personality.  How the two ended up as an item is unknown at this time, and may or may not have been kept a secret since Callic is her superior officer and there may be regulations against such relationships.  There may be a link between her temperament and her being a fire magician, though not nearly so powerful as the deceased Colonel Lumpy, as she appears to need time for chanting and accumulation of magic power to cast anything of significance.

Also appears to greatly dislike Xander.


Dellon Selcote:

A red-brown haired soldier of middling height and a muscular build with a face and demeanor usually associated with mid-west farmboys.  Seems to have the opposite sex on his mind quite a bit, and a rather loose set of morals where they are concerned.

Xander barely knows him, but already doesn’t like him.


Non-Combat Personnel