CU: Ch 1-0 Out + Strongman

So a double release of things you guys don’t care about.  First is the project that had been sitting half done for moths, and that I completed a few days ago.  I was trying to find the energy to copy it over here, but fuck it.  I’ll get to the transfer later, and just drop you a link for now.

Strongman and The Tower of the LFN

And the second thing you guys won’t care about is the first chapter of Chaldea Untold’s first chapter.  What?  No, the other ones were part of Chapter 0.  Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense, so I gave the chapters new names.  Chapter 0 is now “The Prologue Nobody Asked For,” and Chapter 1 is now “Singularity F This.”  Why?  Because I love in-jokes!

Anywho, here’s the next Chaldea Untold chapter.  I need to find some notes I made a while ago to get on the next project I need to do before I get down to brass tacks and organize SCDK Book 2 for writing.  CU chapters will be going up even through SCDK, as it’s a refreshing little bit of writing I can do without much effort.  Also, it amuses me, and that’s the primary reason this web site exists.  After all, it’s not like I’m the library of congress, is it?


CU Interlude 0 released, and Chapter 0 complete.

I had a few hours today while feeling terrible to put into this next tic-tac sized morsel.  Next I’m going to put a different project to bed that has been laying open for far too long.

Now that Flu Shot season is done I have a lot more time on my hands and am a lot less overworked.  …LESS overworked.  So, expect to hear from me a bit more often in the future.