SCDK Ch. 8 – Special Release

It’s a special release, because I was able to get it published without having a computer of my own, yet.  Seriously, I’m on a borrowed desktop while house sitting for family.  This is the furthest thing from an established situation, so updates are still going to be an uphill battle for me until I can replace my PC.

Especially since this computer has one of those Gaming Keyboards with a weird layout. It really plays havoc with my typing. So many typos!

So, I hope everyone is happy I was able to get this out today, because it nearly became necessary to release tomorrow, after being down with griping guts from what I believe was under cooked canned soup. First world problems!

Please continue being patient with me, and Follow or Subscribe for the updates. Cause I’m still far away from getting this boat back on a regular schedule.


Emergency Announcement

My computer has suffered a fatal hardware failure that has been many months in the making. At this point, it is more cost effective for me to build a new computer from individual parts than to try and get my current rig up and running again. 

The chapters of Stop Calling me a Demon King I have already written are safe, so there is no need to worry about them. But it is impossible for me to publish them as my only Internet connection now is my smartphone. It may take weeks or longer to get a working computer again, so I would like to ask everyone who has an interest in my website to Follow or Subscribe to the site, so you will know when it makes its triumphant return.

After all, Demon Kings don’t die, they just move on to their next form.

SCDK Chapter 7

Hey all!  Here’s the next chapter of the story, which has been conspicuously close to becoming “The Hikikkomori of the Summoning Room.”  My buffer of chapters has been stagnating at only being one chapter ahead for a while, because I’ve been spending time building the personalities those who shalt remain nameless, and because I’ve been tensed up all day, every day, since Wednesday, when I had a job interview.

Signs point to “yes,” but it’s a very slow to arrive “yes.” If this falls through, my back up is an unpaid internship.  …sigh.

In happier news, Chapter 7!

Screw April Fools, here’s Chapter 6 a day early

I had to dodge room mates addicted to Stardew Valley on my computer, a run to the dog park, a lawn so overgrown because of an irrepressably wet spring that the lawnmower couldn’t handle it, and when I jumped online to see what translated chapters were on WordPress I saw a wall of “April Fools” jokes.  So annoying.

So I sped my schedule to make sure a REAL chapter of something to read landed in your laps on this juvenile holiday.


Hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 6