Hello New Readers

This is a site dedicated to producing original works of fiction for people to voraciously consume.  Mainly the story: Stop Calling Me A Demon King, which is about a person who was abducted to another world against his will, and is doing his best to get by… no matter who has to be destroyed in the process.

Eventually, if there is an interest, I will host other people’s original fiction as well on the site.  If you wish to be a contributor, contact me.

For everyone else…

SCDK Ch. 18 + Patreon goals

Hi all, here’s the next chapter, fresh from the laptop.

And for those of you interested, I’ve decided my Patreon Goals!  At a grand total of $50 per chapter pledged, I will be releasing and keeping to date a Glossary of the world of Stop Calling Me A Demon King.  At $90 per chapter, I will be keeping the Cast Page up to date as well.

And should some currently unspecified goal be reached, I will be hiring my brother, a professional Hollywood storyboard artist, to illustrate SCDK in the same way that a professional light novel would be.  He is currently extremely busy with other projects, but when he has an estimate of his pay scale, I will add it to Patreon on an average of one illustration every five or six chapters.

I will additionally add a PayPal reward to have any scene in the story, or the Extra Chapters, be illustrated at that same high quality.

The negotiations are not yet finished, but I’m thinking it’ll happen, so be happy about that.  In the mean time, I need to figure out how I charge money for a chapter completed on Patreon. See you when I see you, folks.

(Additionally I’m working out of town this entire week, as in, staying in a hotel.  I dunno if that will increase my work time, or decrease my writing productivity, so be forewarned.)

Sorry, no chapter

So I had been intending to write something.  It was gonna be a lot of fun as well.  But I got an emergency request from my workplace to work at a store that was a two hour drive away.  I needed the money, so I accepted.  The job itself was not that bad, but I got home really late, and couldn’t get enough sleep for my scheduled job the following day.  While working that day, I was looking forward to the start of my weekend, and maybe banging out a chapter.

Then I got another request to work at that store for the following day, Saturday.  …I took it, and was only able to secure 5 hours sleep because I was already so exhausted that I needed to drink some caffeine to make the drive home, and couldn’t sleep until after midnight.  I woke at six in the morning, and got home at nine at night.

But I think I made nearly four hundred bucks in those two days of work.  Even though I am completely exhausted today, I think it’s worth it.  Not for you guys, I mean, but for me.

I might have been able to produce he chapter today, tired as I may be, but I also have a function I’m taking part in at my church this evening; so, no dice.  I promise I’ll make it up to you guys next time, and I’ve come up with a series of Patreon rewards and PayPal purchases that you might like.

Patreon + Extra Ch 3

So I had something of a crazy week.  On Monday I succeeded in getting my lazy self to make a Patreon page (I have no idea what I can put behind a paywall though, without feeling like an A-Hole, so suggestions are welcome).  On Tuesday morning, I was woken up by a phone call to work in a city 70 miles away for the next 4 days, using a hotel room as a base during that time.  I worked 10 hours each day, so I didn’t have enough time to write a whole chapter.  So please enjoy this Extra Chapter that explains A LOT about how women are presentable in fantasy worlds.

Fezzik! Fresh Horses!

By the way, I’m hoping to convince my brother to make a few drawings for my Patreon stuff and replace that ugly purple block on the right side of the page.  Yes.  So Ugly.


So, I finished chapter 17 just in time for me to go to sleep really effing early tonight.  I need to wake up at 6 am tomorrow to drive to the coast to work a full day.  Not the Beach, but the Coast.  Fishing town.

On the bright side, Paycheck! And I’m gonna eat at a great seafood restaurant before I make the return drive home.  I’m still packing a couple frappachinos in just in case I start getting drowsy, though.


And before you ask.  Yes, Sicilians are artists with violence.  Where a normal man sees an every day object, a Sicilian sees something he can fuck that normal man up with.  I guarantee it.