Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-13 released!

Ghost of Tsushima is really fucking good.  If Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t come out this year, it’ll be a major contender for Game of the Year.

I have a process now for writing Chaldea Untold.  First, I figure out exactly what I want to do in the chapter.  I do this by reviewing the original story and understanding how my version would be different.  Then, I watch the 4th Anniversary promotional video over and over again until it makes me cry from how much densely packed love there is for the universe there is in there.  (It happens faster than you’d think.)  It’s at that point I’m in the best frame of mind to write about Fate.  Then I turn on Fate OSTs in the background while I write, to keep me from breaking my mental state for as long as possible.

The act of looking at the world from multiple different viewpoints, personalities, and mentalities is a result of my stage acting training and natural insanity.

This chapter here is a result of that method of writing.  I hope you enjoy.

Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-12 released + Bonus in post

Here’s the chapter.

So I completely failed to get Sigurd.  I have an ironclad rule, I don’t buy Saint Quartz more than once for a given banner.  I actually completely broke that rule at New Years to try rolling for both Hokusai and Gilgamesh, but it’s remained mostly intact.

I decided that Skadi is not the Meme for me, so on top of the Anniversary Quartz and the pack I bought to GSSR, I’m suddenly sitting on over 400 quartz going into Summer.  My only goal is MHXX… and should I get her with room to spare I’ll try for Jeanne d’Archer.

For my GSSR, I got the one class I didn’t have a card for yet. Hokusai and the Foreigner class.  So I was happy.  Extra had a 90% chance of satisfaction for me, so I didn’t hesitate.  And in a Big Brain Move, I got Salieri, AND NP3ed him in a single 10 roll.  Though I was surprised there was no 4 star Servant in my 10 roll from the description of the event.

And in Weeb News, one of the Gacha games I have been getting abused by is closing it’s doors. Valkyrie Anatomia was so mismanaged by Wonder Planet that they’re shutting it down just as soon as they effing caught up to the Japan Server’s content.  But I have a new, and GOOD, Gacha to replace it with.  Romancing SaGa; Re UniverSe (yeah, that’s correct) just launched last month and it’s easy to reroll into a good account with lots of free Gems at the outset.  The monthly pack is also super affordable.  Plus, I love the SaGa games (except that one that was trash, everyone knows which one) and their leveling mechanic.

It’s a good time waster with short combats, and long term grind with no P2W shortcuts.  Not much in terms of story, but it’s mostly coherent.  No PvP either!

But enough about me, and I think this is buried deep enough now that no one will accidentally read it when I include this little bit that is-


Ritsuka stood with his back straight as the various concerned parties finished saying their peace before the fight started.  Surtr was dead and gone, though the ravaged terrain outside the city would remain like a scar.  The Tree of Emptiness loomed nearby after having transplanted itself.  Scathach-Skadi and Ortlinde were about to attack.  Mash was positioned to intercept, waiting for violence to erupt.

But there was something Ritsuka had to say, a misunderstanding that had to be cleared up.

“Scathach-Skadi.  There’s something I want to say.  Will you please listen?”

“…Even though you are one that I must kill, I will listen.  Please speak.”

“You keep going on about how you can only love someone, or kill them.  Well, I want you to know.  I love you.  I love you and Ortlinde both.  And it’s because I love you that I will defeat you and set you free from the cursed fate that has bound you for the past three thousand years.  I am going to take the weight of these 10,000 lives you’ve guarded, and I will carry them in your place, in addition to the countless lives I carry already.  And then, I will save the both of you.

“I… will help you both find happiness.  Even as I become the destroyer of worlds.”

Scathach-Skadi was silent for a moment before saying, “Then show me, a Goddess, the strength of will you have to carry more than I could possibly imagine.”

With a surge of magical power through Ritsuka’s Command Seals, the briefcase spun up and connected to the pocket universe that Gilgamesh, Medea, Semiramis, and Merlin had constructed from the Hanging Gardens for the Servants to occupy.  The short term link was completed, and the combat team for facing down a true Goddess were Unsummoned and ready to battle.