Strongman The Barbarian


I constructed this as fan fiction for a comic website called Erfworld.  It’s basically about a world where the laws of physics are those of a competitive table top style Realm vs. Realm game, complete with Turns, Hexes, Status, Levels, and everything else.  And everything in the world is mostly pop culture references and puns.

This fantasy world also has Barbarians in it, as any Realm style game tends to have.  And I got to thinking, what would the adventures of Conan be like in such a world.

And thus, I was stricken with the need to write the Tales of Strongman the Barbarian.  I hope you enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Strongman The Barbarian

  1. Hey Baka, I DLed this ages ago, but was saving it ‘for a rainy day’ so to speak. It looked funny, and I wanted to be in just the right mood for it. I read it this past week when I was having a hard time, and it really made my day. Please, please, please, write more Strongman. It was funny, and better written that I expected. There were genuinely impressive literary and comedic references.


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