SCDK Chapter 5

I actually had this complete about a week ago, but I’m glad I held back on releasing it (even though I was heavily tempted to publish before the weekend). Specifically because I had the chance to mull over the conditions of Enslavement in order to not make the Protagonist’s life too easy when the curse of Enslavement comes into play.

Oh, and to build a buffer.  I have another chapter complete, and I’ll be working on the next after it as well.  I want to have a nice backlog for the day I hit writers block. …Or until people throw money at me to release them faster, whichever comes first.  …Probably the writers block.

Hey! Look over there!  It’s a LINK of some kind!

/me runs away.

SCDK Chapter 4, and tentative schedule

So, first the new business…

I guess all of it is new business…

Anyway, I’m setting a tentative release schedule for one chapter of Stop Calling Me A Demon King per week, to be released by Sunday.  Or at least, one new bit of content to add to the site per week, as I have some rather nifty other projects that I can gold mine should Real Life emergencies or burnout cause me to miss a deadline or two.

This is in the interest of forcing me into a schedule to prevent the project from dying, and also to see if I there is enough interest in the story for a Donation System to be created down the line.  The donations would be to spur me on to write more content at a faster rate than my given schedule for the readers who really want more content, like all the other translation sites.  This is a hobby that I am doing for free.  If that’s not good enough, you will be able to pay me to do it faster.  That kind of system.

But that’s in the works for another day, and only if people become interested in such a thing.  And interest will probably only come after I’ve proven I have a reliable release schedule for a few months beforehand.  So I’m not gonna worry about it yet and just keep writing.

Oh, yeah!  I just finished writing the next chapter!

Chapter 4: Mercy

SCDK Chapter 3

Hi all.  It’s taken far longer for me to write the next post for two simple reasons. I was baby sitting my parent’s dog, who demands constant attention and is cute enough to get it.  And I bought Stardew Valley to dispell the annoyance I was getting from frolicking with the dog instead of reading web novels and writing my own hack stories.

Well, the dog is gone and I felt so guilty for not updating for so long that I pounded out this chapter in three hours in the dead of night before allowing myself to sleep.  I’ve updated it enough to be happy with the result, and am throwing it at your faces.

I’ve also figured out how to enable comments in the Pages, thanks to Shasu-sensei, so tell me what you think in the chapters themselves from here on out.

Oh, and by the way, there maaaaay be some adult content and language in my series.

Chapter 3

SCDK Chapter 2

Hello no one!  As expected my site has absolutely zero readership, but that’s not gonna stop me! Yet!  So here’s the next installment of my own Isekai series.

If you enjoy it, then tell your friends! Or just drop a web link or something and run before anyone sees you.

Chapter 2: Awake

Grand Opening… *cough*

Hello everyone, you probably don’t know me from my Editing duties over at Infinite Novel Translations, and from my smarmy and self-deprecating comments on other web novel translation sites.

Well, what you definitely don’t know about me is that I enjoy writing.  Fiction is a wonderful thing and I’m not about to be left out, dag-nab-it!  So, while I have two ongoing Fan-Fiction series on a web site I love and frequent and a novel I’m working on off and on, I’ve been reading so many Isekai (other world) stories that I couldn’t help but come up with one of my own.  It’s called “Stop Calling Me A Demon King.”

Yes.  It is a trite title.  But it’s in the same spirit as the other Isekai series titles, so sit on it.

Compared to my other works, each individual helping of Stop Calling Me A Demon King (SCDK for short from now on) is rather small, and I can belt one out in only a couple hours when I’m in the mood.  It’s a nice little tic tac of writing that refreshes my brain, and now I’m shoving it in front of your face.  please let me know how you like it, and don’t hesitate to throw criticism or suggestions at me.  I love feedback.

Here’s your link.