SCDK Extra Chapter 1

So many people have visited the site today that I’ve decided to celebrate!  I hereby give you Extra Chapter 1! Enjoy it!  If it’s not too tragic for you.

I’ve also updated the menu system to have sub and sub-sub selections for each individual chapter and a new cast page.  This is all in addition to my regular chapters, mind, so my regular progress will not be slowed at all.

In other news, I have three different companies interested in hiring me now. One pays crap and can’t hire me for at least a few weeks, probably more, but knows and loves me.  Another pays a bit better, and would have regular hours of work per week, and would hire my right away.  And the third pays 50% more than the others, but an unpredictable work schedule.  I’m a little torn on which company to work for.

Opinions are welcome.

SCDK Chapter 10

I very nearly had a working desktop computer, all nice, fancy, up to date, with a great processor, memory, motherboard, and a decent graphics card I won’t have to update for 4-5 years.  For about 500 bucks less than the same rig would have cost me if I’d bought it pre-fabricated.

Then I took an arrow to the knee.

Turned out the pins for the case button hook ups were loose, and came apart while I was installing the motherboard.  I was so close to completion, everything was working as nature had intended.  And then that.  I had to watch Star Wars Episode 7 to even out my depression.  It worked wonders.  That Blue Ray disc was probably my best investment of this year.

Oh, wait a second. You wanted SCDK Ch. 10, right?  Why didn’t you say so!?

Hello Readers

Hello readers.
Look at the Follow button.
Now back to me.
Now back to the Follow button.
Now back to me.
Sadly, you’re not Following me.
But if you clicked that Follow button instead of checking the website irregularly, you could start Following me and read my chapters right after they’re published.
Look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
You’re on a party boat, with the other people who are Following the website.
What’s in your hand?
Back at me.
I have it.  It’s the mouse you used to click the Follow button.
Look again.
Now it’s an instant notice for published updates!
Anything is possible when you’re Following a website that produces stupid publications for a stupid internet.
I’m on a horse.

DoDee-Doot DeDoot DeDoot Doot

Triumphant(?) Return – SCDK 9

I am on the CUSP of both having a job AND having a computer.  Faulty Memory Chips has slowed me down by a whole frikkin month on both counts.  Thankfully I have a generous father who threw just enough money at me to buy a “back up laptop” allowing me to cruise the internet, play simple Indie Steam titles, job hunt, and most importantly to you I can post “Am I Hot Or Not” photos of myself!

Oh, wait, that’s the other website, isn’t it?  Well just have your long awaited chapter then.  See if I’m hot- er, if I care.

Update + Bonus: Strongman the Barbarian

Hello everyone. Just letting you know, I was able to get the cash to assemble a new computer from a kind relative. But the motherboard I got as part of the order was defective, so it’s been exchanged with the manufacturer.  This means that I have another week or two without a computer as the parts are now, quite literally, in the mail.

I am once again borrowing a computer to let you all this know.  And I would feel a bit like a heel if I informed you all of this without giving you something nice to read.  I’d rather not set you up with another Stop Calling Me A Demon King chapter, as I need to maintain my buffer.  Instead I am sharing another project I wrote a while ago, based off the adventured of Conan in the Hyborean Age, but set in another world entire.  It’s a fun read, if I say so myself, and I hope everyone else enjoys it too.  I’ve set up a new Side Projects tab to house these kinds of bonuses to boot.  So Yay!