Chaldea Untold 1-5 released

This series is really helpful for me.  I’m thinking of creative writing as being a reward again, and I’m getting to the point where I can really start to have fun with the Fate Universe.  Sorry you’re all being subjected to this, but it’s kind of my own little rehabilitation.  I’m working hard on getting into better physical and mental shape (physical because the spine injury I had before knocked all the healthy habits out of me).  This series is a part of it.

Note on communication types.

“This is speaking.”

This is thinking.

[This is electronic communication.]

[This is telepathic communication.]

Let’s set up a circle.

CU 1-4 published

So first, I went back and redid a few small details of chapter 1-3.  There was some out of character knowledge that peeked it’s way through my writing, and then the protagonist, Ritsuka, seemed just way too bad ass for a moment.  My frustration with real life broke through my writing there, sorry.

And it seems like the previous chapter wasn’t well received, probably because it was a cliff hanger, or a potential cop out to combat.  Remember folks, I write these in short bursts.  When it came time for a perspective change in the previous chapter there was no reason for me to NOT end it and pick up the POV change in the next one.


And for the Demon King fans, I’m reworking some things from the Online Alpha and Beta releases.  For one thing, there are no marriage rings in the alternate world, but marriage necklaces.  Just one of the many little changes I’m making in preparation for an eventual publication.

CU Ch 1-3 + Work Sucks

Well, it took a while to build up enough energy to write considering the ongoing poopstorm that is a retail pharmacy in January.  Worse yet, it seems like I found out a reason why my own pharmacy chain is so “popular.”  It seems a competitor’s pharmacy chain is no longer taking Medicare part D (As in the medicare that takes care of ALL prescription medications) and now we’re getting those cast offs as new customers.

Welcome to the pharmacy, now please get in line, you’ll be there for a while.

Who else is ready for another quick bit of fiction?


CU Ch 1-2

I made a retcon on the chapter numbers.  The first chapter of Chapter 1 is now 1-1 instead of 1-0.  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

So in my life, working in a pharmacy, or rather, in the medical field in general, the first week of January is hellish.  This has been the most draining work week in the last 6 months, at least.  That’s a reason why I had nothing for you folks.  Another was that I was busy farming events in my video games.  I’m an opportunist, alright?

But now I can finally start to inject a bit of originality into Chaldea Untold instead of parroting exposition.  I’m really looking forward to the future.

And remember, Anime rules are in effect. GAAAA is a monster. KYAAA is a woman.