Chapter 1: Fateful Encounter

In a certain country, in the spring of 20XX, a certain young man was walking down the street, on his way to attend his first day of high school at Maoujanai Gakuen as a 1st year freshman.

“I’m over twenty years old, man!  Why am I a high schooler?  Am I supposed to have been held back six years in middle school?  This setting sucks!”

Hush, Xander.  It’s the standard Japanese template.  Now be quiet and let me get back to my narration!

“Wait, CHAZ?!  Is that your disembodied voice?  Why are you narrating?”

Why wouldn’t I be?  Now shut up and start walking again, we’re on a timetable to your destined encounter, alright?

“You’d think a destined encounter could wait a minute or two, wouldn’t you?”

Don’t you be telling an omnipotent being how destiny works.  Now start walking, Mister!

“Fine, fine.  It’d better be a nice Destiny, and not like the one Bungie originally released.”

Ahem.  Wanting to be early, Xander was rushing to get to school, restless to see the facilities he’ll be attending for the next three years…

“I’m actually not excited at all, though…”

Shut it and start jogging!

“Okay! Fine!”

It was on these streets that Xander’s youth truly began, with a surprise encounter.


Yes, a surprise clothesline from a hurrying member of the an athletics club, named Callic.

“Hmm?  What was that noise?  Oh, well. My sempais are waiting for me!”

“Urrrgh…  Destiny… sucks…”

It was as Xander was struggling to get back on his feet that he had his next fateful encounter, with a young woman, who’s steps clonked from the wooden shoes on her feet…

“Oh man, my sempais of the Clog Dancing Club will be so angry if I’m late!”

As she ran over the struggling Xander, planting him right back into the ground.

“Aaaaarg!  I think I got splinters in my nose!”

When out of the sky came Xander’s most fateful encounter yet, as a girl landed-


On top of Xander.

“Oh, wow.  I’m really enjoying the Parkour Club!  I’m gonna keep it up till the school day starts!

And finally, a truly fortuitous encounter occurred, as a luxurious car pulled up alongside Xander, who was crushed and crumpled near the school’s main gates…

“Oh, dear” came a voice, “My car has a flat tire.  Ah!  How fortuitous for me to find someone here at the time I needed to fix a flat!  I can use him to steady my car while I work!”


After the tire was changed, and Xander finally lost consciousness, a lone girl came upon the remains of the young man, who was so pulverized that we’re forced to cover his body with a mosaic in order to not get shut down by the Censorship Bureau.  She had pure white hair, a glamorous face, even without any make up, and an athletic body that would turn anyone’s head.  She was also a freshman this year.  And upon seeing the young man in distress…

She picked up a stick and started poking the pile of Xander.

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