Chaldea Untold: Chapter 1-14

The breastplate of the King of Sparta shattered under the force of his own bulging muscles.  His eyes shone like liquid fire. The scarlet crest of Leonidas’ helmet fired a torrent of flames half again as tall as he was.  And the Bronze Archer’s stature grew by about 30 centimeters as his body restructured itself into the form of a living juggernaut.  With his red flesh now shining with an inward light and a crimson aura of flames surrounding him, Leonidas spoke with what seemed like two voices.

“Now young shield bearer!  Let your tempering begin!”

A mantle of scarlet power enfolded Leonidas in the shape of a cloak within that firestorm of visible energy, and some of that might wrapped itself around the javelin in his right hand.  As Leonidas lifted his weapon aloft it began to glow like it had been super heated without being allowed to melt. Leonidas drew down his arm as a blur, and the javelin fired out like a meteor.

[Two.  One. MARK!]

In the span of a heartbeat many things happened in that suddenly overlapping battlefield.

Leonidas’ javelin impacted on Mash’s shield, and fiery wrath spread out overhead and past the sides of the teenage Demi-Servant.  Some more solid bits of Leonidas’ attack cut into concrete, metal, and cars. Buildings lit on fire behind the huddled teenagers. Some cars exploded into flame from detonated gas tanks.  And steam rose from the asphalt around them as the air was clogged by super heated air and smoke. And from the impact itself, all of the three children had been pushed back 10 centimeters.  Something that had not yet happened before.

And before the children from Chaldea could get their bearing on what was happening, Leonidas had another javelin in hand, ready to be thrown.

The shattered remains of an office window were obliterated as Rider leapt through it in full retreat, and then the frame was knocked out by the burly shoulders and horns of the dark skinned and bare chested man that chased after her.  Electricity gathered between the twin horns in bright volume, ready to strike his airborne prey while she could not dodge. The brightly lit eyes under the man’s bull shaped helmet were twisted into sadistic glee now that his prey had finally given him such a wonderful opportunity, but those same eyes widened in surprise a moment later.

Across the intersection where all the players in the battle had gathered was the Red Archer with his bow drawn with an arrow with the head of a drill.  The Red Archer was leaping out of the window diagonally across from the Bull Headed man, but was aiming at him as though he’d known his opponent would be there ahead of time.  The Bull Headed man threw up his arms in a cross block just in time for his shackle bracers to absorb the impact while reinforcing his defense with all the magical power he’d accumulated as lightning in his horns.  The force of the impact threw the Bull Headed man backwards into the building he’d leapt out of, with an explosion blasting the rest of the ruined windows out shortly after.

In that short moment of smug self satisfaction the Red Archer allowed himself for striking through his target, the lavender haired Lancer slashed the side of the building to pieces and leapt through the rubble.  With a wide swing of her scythe shaped pole arm, she brought her weapon down on the momentarily defenseless Red Archer. The lavender Lancer’s own self satisfied countenance distorted into surprise as a flash of lavender and black swept past her leaving chains entangled around her pole arm and the sudden tug as the Lancer was thrown from her mid air leap in an arc back towards the building.  The lavender Rider who’d given the Bull Headed man the slip had used her superior speed to plant herself on the side of the building and used herself and her entangled chains as leverage to send the lavender Lancer catapulting back into the building she’d come from, destroying a concrete wall as the Lancer impacted and was blasted through.

Back on the asphalt, Olga Marie used her magic to sweep away the dense smoke so the Chaldea teenagers could breathe, showing that while they had suffered a shaking blow, they were still standing.

“We need to help Master,” said the lavender Rider who was standing on the side of a building as though it were flat ground.

“Our orders are to finish our respective fights, Rider.  If he needs us, he’ll call,” stated the Red Archer with his arms crossed from his perch on a lamp post.  “Though I agree we should try and finish our battles as quickly as possible.”

The lavender Rider grit her teeth and said, as though spitting out the words, “Your opponent’s weapons are his body, his projectile electricity, and his reactive shield.  He’s good at charging and bad at cornering.”

Then the lavender Rider jumped through a window on the same floor the lavender Lancer was thrown into.  The Red Archer followed her through the corner of his vision and said to himself, “As for your opponent… I suppose you already know as much as you need to know about her.  Go knock yourself out.”

Then Red Archer crossed the intersection to pursue his own opponent into a ruined office building, the sound of fiery detonation erupting behind him.

* * * * *

The lavender Lancer kicked clear the last of the wreckage that blocked her movement.  It had taken more time than normal to free herself as she kept her arms and her pole arm ready for counter attack.  Getting blindsided once was enough for her after all. But she herself would have admitted she’d used a bit too much force in her kick.  She was a bit pissed about having been thrown like that. Luckily, the power of the Holy Grail through her new master had already healed the wounds she’d suffered from being thrown through the side of a fucking building.

Yeah, little bit angry.

But that bled away and was immediately replaced by amusement as she saw who was standing there on the other end of the aisle between desks in the overcrowded work space the lavender Lancer had found herself in.

“Oh, ho,” said the Lancer, her voice dripping with sarcastic sadism.  “I had thought that was ‘you.’ Well, it pisses me off that someone got the better of me, but I guess it stings a little less considering the one that got ‘me’ was ‘me,’ after all.”

The lavender Rider stood as still as a stone statue twenty paces from her Lancer counterpart, her chain daggers resting listlessly on the short carpet floor.  The lavender Lancer continued her shit talking, obviously enjoying the situation she found herself in.

“No words to say, ‘me?’  I guess you’re from one of ‘my’ more taciturn phases, then?  And I see you’ve sealed ‘our’ eyes with that blindfold of yours?  Ah-haaaaah,” sang the Lancer in a malicious note. “I know who ‘you’ are, then.  And I dare say… ‘you’ recognize this.”

Lancer held out her pole weapon as though the motion were a combination of presenting the scythe blade of her weapon for inspection and intimidation.  The lavender Rider shivered for a brief second in response to that presented blade.

“Yeeeaaah,” said the Lancer in a sing song voice again.  “That’s right. This is Harpe, the cursed weapon that piece of shit took ‘your’ life with.  A weapon that can even kill a deity like ‘me.’ I’m sure it’s hard for ‘you’ to be seeing this weapon here, considering ‘you’ are the ‘me’ that gave up and allowed yourself to be killed out of remorse.  How’s that working out for ‘you?’ Living in constant self-loathing?”

The lavender Rider said nothing and remained rigid.  Another explosion occurred outside in the span of time the two women with the same source stared at each other.  Then, as if growing impatient, the lavender Lancer readjusted her grip on her weapon and stated with malice, “And here I thought I might be able to have a decent conversation with ‘you.’  Ah, well. I’ll just have to take ‘my’ time in killing ‘you,’ so we can relive our memories of killing all those self proclaimed heroes that tried to hunt us down on our isle. But don’t think I don’t appreciate ‘you,’ since you’ve reminded ‘me’ of just how fucking boring we can be!”

The lavender Lancer’s predatory yellow eyes lit up with magical power as she moved her sight towards her counterpart’s legs.  The other her was obviously a speedy enemy, so sealing and then shattering her legs would be a definite step in the right direction.  But as though waiting for that, the lavender Rider flicked her wrists and two fire extinguishers were thrown through the air that had been held at the tips of her chained knives and were then bisected in the air by those same knives causing fine white powder to explode in a cloud towards the lavender Lancer.  Lancer immediately found herself completely enveloped by the powder cutting off all opportunity to use her petrifying eyes. Lancer swung her weapon to try and disperse the cloud, but her attacks were too sharp to cause more than a minor disturbance to the air. So Lancer opted to take a defensive stance and wait for the cloud to settle instead of opening herself up to an ambush by moving or attacking carelessly.

While lancer kept a high tension alertness, ready to counter attack any strange movement, she heard the voice of her Rider counterpart from the mist.

“I recognized ‘you’ as well,” said the voice that Lancer could not pin down, as it’s low and listless tone seemed to come from an unrecognizable direction.  “The mad zeal you showed when you attacked the Archer, and your choice of weapon – as though an act of rebellion against our own demise. ‘You’ are the ‘me’ that lost yourself in killing the would be heroes that invaded our isle, reveling in slaughter.  The one who wholeheartedly pursued the path of becoming a monster.”

There was a small thump from the stucco ceiling panel right behind Lancer as the panel displaced itself slightly.  The bitch was gonna come at her from above like a damn ninja.

Lancer pivoted her back leg as her body twisted to give strength and speed to her attack, slicing through the ceiling and everything beyond.  Which turned out to be a ventilation shaft and nothing more. Before Lancer could recover her position there was a stabbing pain through her right shoulder as the chained dagger of the lavender Rider stabbed into her from behind.  There was immediately a pulling force from the dagger that caused the Lancer to completely lose her balance and stumble backwards. The mist of the fire extinguisher cloud swirled as the body of the Rider came hurtling through the air with the combined force of a leap and the pulling of the chain, and the Rider enfolded her legs around the neck of the Lancer.

“Which makes you the form of ‘myself’ that I despise the most.”

The chain of the Rider’s weapon that had stabbed through Lancer’s shoulder quickly began to wrap around the victim’s body, constraining her movement and leaving her unable to swing her pole arm at her attacker.  The Rider pulled with her other hand and the second chained dagger became visible as it was yanked from the ground under the stucco panel it had been used to strike to divert the Lancer’s attention for the sake of the ambush.  As the Rider strengthened the muscles in her legs to strangle the Lancer, the Rider bent backwards so her head was facing the floor and looped her second chain around the first that was binding the Lancer’s legs. The second chain was then thrown up and around the ventilation shaft in the ceiling and pulled.  The Lancer suddenly found herself toppled over and being suspended upside down.

All too swiftly the Lancer had been ambushed.  Bound. Had her mobility sealed. Then suspended, causing her to be disoriented, all while struggling against the constantly increasing pressure around her throat.  Realizing she was at an almost unrecoverable disadvantage the Lancer used her last trump card. Shouting the words, “You bitch,” the Lancer’s long lavender hair began to move as though they were living creatures, ready to bind and strike the Rider that was their target.  But a sudden massive jolt of strength from the Rider’s legs finished the woman’s effort as a wet crack was issued out when Lancer’s neck was finally broken.  The jolt shocked all strength and consciousness from the Lancer as her body and hair went limp.


The body of the Lancer began to dematerialize into golden particles almost immediately.  The Lavender Rider dismounted from her prey, landing on her feet. Collecting her weapons, the Lavender Rider turned her back on the fading body of one form of herself in contempt as she moved to the aid of her Master.

That was when there was a great explosion of white from the building across the street, completely unlike the fiery red of the Bronze Archer on the roads down below, and the top floors of the office building that the Red Archer was fighting in were devastated by a pillar of light reaching to the heavens.

Chapter 1-13 | Chapter 1-15

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