Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-17 Released!

So much ground to cover. If you’re not interested, here’s your treat up front.

First, I nearly got banned from Reddit because there were people who couldn’t tell that this was a Fanfiction and thought I was trying to defraud people while claiming to be an official Fate publication. I have no idea why, because I never claimed to be anything but Fanfiction, and marked my posts as OC, short for Original Content. Apparently they made so much noise the Mods had to step up and do something to get them to STFU, even though not a one of them ever voiced a complaint to me, directly or indirectly, so it caught me completely by surprise. The compromise the Mods reached with me was that I could only post Chaldea Untold in the Reddit boards once a month (no matter how much I write in a month), and to have the words Fanfiction in the Reddit title. So, I’ll be recommending everyone in Reddit to sign up on the site, and I’ll continue to do so so that the Redditers don’t get left behind by the story.

Second, I’ve started writing some Stop Calling Me A Demon King again. Specifically I’m working on the bonus content for Book 1 Official Publication. The first additional content is a chapter named Aural History. It’s a bit of a mind bend of a completely different culture, and is steeped deep in lore I have yet to release, so I have to make sure I have it accurate for the future. Other bonus content is going to be about Blanc and a child that took an interest in him, the succession rite in The Faith, and trees that bear every kind of fruit. And my current favorite bonus content, the cook who heard the story about Jack and Tyler Durden… deciding he wants to know what it’s like to get in a fight.

I have not decided if I will be making any of this expanded (and all canonical) content available for free. At most, it would be one bonus chapter, or teasers to promote the retail copy. I will be amking decisions about that in the future.

Third, the reason there has been very little content in the last weeks is because I was having an absolutely terrible time at work, and I bought a game called SatisFactory. Early Access, but it does what it’s supposed to. It gave me something I could do that had solid objectives I could reach in my own way in producing via a 3D Factorio-like setting (minus the danger to your factory by predators) but no urgent needs to produce. I was sandboxing without any pressure and I was able to accomplish things with imagination and productivity, which felt great because we were getting dick all done at work. I desperately needed to be productive at assigned tasks, even if it was just a time sink. It’s fun, and Single Player is pretty much bug free and stable.

Fourth, the Chaldea Untold Donation Guide was updated a while ago to give as much value as humanly possible to those who donate, along with an example of how to screw me over for labor as much as is humanly possible. It’s worth reading if you wanna giggle at my own pain, or leave feedback on improvements.

Fifth, how the hell did you get to the end of this list? I know people come to this website for long strings of words hooked together, but there wasn’t a single bit of fiction in this entire post. You sir/ma’am, are a literary champion. But I just want you all to know, I value your readership and am trying to live up to it all. Despite my meatsack needs. But I despair for my writing schedule when Cyberpunk drops next month.

3 thoughts on “Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-17 Released!

  1. *sees news about SCDL
    **starts to shake, to scratch his head maniacally and to squeal in chaotic and disturbing way


  2. ***gets fucking embarrassed when he realizes that he completely failed abbreviating the title of Stop Calling Me A Demon King


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