Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-14 Released!

As promised, here’s the next chapter!

It feels like this one turned out good. I got that sweaty, jittery, post-nightmare shakes from finishing this one up. That’s how I know I destroyed myself in the way that gets a good chapter. Let me know if I’m wrong so I can do better in the future.

On a different topic, a little while ago someone plagiarized my novel, Stop Calling Me A Demon King. He called it something pathetic like “The Reaver King.” The guy never even read it, I dare say, and put it up on Kindle and Amazon. I got it taken down and my intellectual property identified, but I feel bad for people who paid good money for what was basically a poorly edited blog instead of what I intend for a physical copy to be complete with bonuses and corrections.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the next event. What do you do after you finish farming? Start farming!

4 thoughts on “Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-14 Released!

  1. How about some real SCDK? 😀
    That plagiarist might be the universe’s desperate attempt to balance itself out in this horrible absence of the original 😀
    Kidding of course, what he did is the lowest shit a writer can do. No excuses…
    But I really do hope that the next chapter of SCDK will come out before Berserk manga ends…
    AT LEAST A TEASER! OR A NON CANON 0.5 CHAPTER! *deep shaky breaths

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    1. You’re right, it’s something that is a priority for me, but my work with CU is what has been the driving force to get me back into writing from having lost all creative desire from an ungodly busy workspace. It’s still working as emotional and creative rehab since the ‘Rona has my new workspace ungodly busy as well. Once France is done, I’m expecting to be rereading SCDK, making updates and improvements, and writing the bonus material that will be going into the physical and kindle version I’ll be selling.

      For instance, exploring why the kitchen staff have bruising after having heard about Jack and Tyler Durden. How Blanc sees and interacts with human children. Some of the ways the economy and agriculture of a world with Magic work. The Stormcallers, as well. This is all content that will be added to the official book 1.

      And Patreon Backers will go from having a 24 hour pre-view to a permanent advance chapter access. Buuuut I probably won’t get all that done until the ‘Rona craze dies down and the hospital stops sending their patients to us for their meds. For the love of Pete, Democrats, please let the economy open up again, cause I need less work and I hate wearing a mask for 8 hours straight. It’s asphyxiating.


      1. Rona is the bane of the sane mind, but there is nothing we can do for now but to squirm in agony until the hype goes down 😀
        I am sending you a friendly slap to the shoulder and reminder: Keep ripping and tearing, because it is not done yet.
        I will be waiting. And I will be watching. And when the new chapter comes out, I will be there.

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