No Chapter This Week: Too Angry to Write

I’ve had a terrible week. Overworked at the pharmacy because the hospital is refusing to dispense to non-employees in their pharmacy (fuck you COVID), the wildfires in California have displaced people, and they’re getting their meds from us (every pharmacy in the city is massively overloaded), I had to get a new doctor for the workplace injury I have going on (too 5 months just to get a physical doctor, fuck you telemed), and I had a sudden change to my work shift time that couldn’t have come at a worse time, because it bumps up against all my physical therapy appointments.

Now, I originally was going to be able to write this weekend, because I used Stardew Valley as a means of chilling out all yesterday… after I bought and set up a new mesh point to take care of an ongoing wifi connection problem in my home that I had to take care of RIGHT NOW because Android’s software update tied my phone’s wake up alarm to the incoming call volume, so I nearly missed work twice this last week! Meaning I had to buy an easy to use alarm clock that could have it’s wake up time constantly changed to match my non-stable schedule, so I got a Lenovo smart clock that retains it’s info through blackouts by being connected to a google account through the internet. It’s really nifty and easy to set alarms for. The Mesh Node was a pain in the ass, but I got it all done Saturday.

And by Sunday all that work had imploded and I had to deal with it all over again because the ISP’s supplied router is complete shit, and I can only hope that the same thing doesn’t happen again now that I’ve taken additional precautions on Set Up.

Short story: Fuck this world and everything in it that I have not personally constructed from the ground up. I’m gonna Stardew it until I’m chill enough for retail torture tomorrow.

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