Chaldea Untold Bonus Chapter: Event 8-0

I am planning to release another chapter tomorrow. This chapter is being released as a bonus for the fact that I rolled a 5 star Servant. From this point on, every 5 star Servant I get will result in a Bonus Chapter of Chaldea Untold. If you want to increase the likelihood of a bonus chapter, or get a sure fire bonus chapter, check my new Donation Guide for CU.

So I’ve recently had some very good luck with my Friend Point Barometer rolling method. The method is, I roll the Friend Points Gacha infrequently until I see if the RNG of the game is currently geared towards spitting out Servants and higher rarity cards in that order of importance, and then roll on the banner to try and get something.

In Summer 2, I one 10-Rolled Assassin Nitocris.

In Summer 3, I two 10 Rolled Mebd on the first day’s group banner. And then on the individual rate up, I two 10 rolled XX.

I was going to save my Quartz because I missed the last solo rate up for Ushiwakamaru, but I got a FP gacha roll so good (4 Servants and 2 non-ember 3 star cards), I knew that I’d get something out of the banner even if it wasn’t what I wanted. So I dropped a single 10 roll.

And I got Jeanne Archer. Which is especially good, because the only 5 star Archer I have is Arjuna from being spooked while rolling for Squirtoria in Summer 1 a few years ago.

So, in 180 Quartz, I got three 4 star Servants, and one 5 star servant. All of them limited availability.

And yes, this is a bit of a shit post, but I put 8 hours into preparing it, and hoping to share a method people can try if their salt is getting out of hand. I’ve seen a lot of people lose faith very graphically in RNGesus, so for those people, maybe give this a try. It requires self discipline, which isn’t a bad thing to have in a gacha game.

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