No Chapter This Week

I did 7 work days in a row and now I’m grinding the Summer 3 event like I’m a Mangaka with a deadline.  It really feels like that with the hellish grind I’m doing.  I average 9,000 Doujin Influence per 3-4 turn 40AP session, and it’s going to take about 300 runs for me to max out the event for the Crystallized Lore, which I WANT.

Thank god I have some vacation days where I’m going to be doing nothing but relaxing soon.  I might have the energy to write and post a few chapters by the time it’s done, assuming my laptop is still working.

…750,000 influence and I still haven’t finished the Story Quests of the event.  This is Granblue Fnatasy levels of grind, gentlemen.  I dunno if I should be happy that I have so many Apples on hand.

On the other hand I have MLB copies of each of the three +% Influence CEs from the event.  Motivation on Rider Ishtar, Imagination on CasGil, Technique on AssNito (Dat Final Ascension form *Chef Kiss*).

User ID is 274,668,698 if you want to follow.

You can try and Friend me as well, but I’m still vetting the applications before I accept another.  I usually give applicants at least a week to see if they play consistently and care about their Servants.

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