Chaldea Untold Chapter published; Happy Early Valentines

So I’m working this weekend, so I got this done early. I might have something else later, but it depends on how soul crushing this weekend is. Don’t get your hopes too far up. I will be alerting the Redditers about the chapters on Sunday as a Valentines Gift for them, so the people who are subscribed get early notice. It pays to get instant notification!

I’m loving the voiced Valentines scenes. I worked as a QC for anime subtitling groups, a Typesetter for Scanlation groups, and an Editor for Novel Translation groups, so having access to the raw, extended, soundbites of the characters is really helping me to understand them better. And BTW, Scathach is adorable. So is Shiki. And Mordred. And many others. It’s unfortunate that I will never be able to include everyone in Valentines events in CU, but I’m sure you can find them on Youtube.


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