Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-13 released!

Ghost of Tsushima is really fucking good.  If Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t come out this year, it’ll be a major contender for Game of the Year.

I have a process now for writing Chaldea Untold.  First, I figure out exactly what I want to do in the chapter.  I do this by reviewing the original story and understanding how my version would be different.  Then, I watch the 4th Anniversary promotional video over and over again until it makes me cry from how much densely packed love there is for the universe there is in there.  (It happens faster than you’d think.)  It’s at that point I’m in the best frame of mind to write about Fate.  Then I turn on Fate OSTs in the background while I write, to keep me from breaking my mental state for as long as possible.

The act of looking at the world from multiple different viewpoints, personalities, and mentalities is a result of my stage acting training and natural insanity.

This chapter here is a result of that method of writing.  I hope you enjoy.

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