Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-8 Released

You ever get a nose bleed so severe that you start suffering from anemia? That happened a few days ago. It kinda sucks, I don’t even have the will to play video games, and I’m tired all the time. I was able to muster my will for this chapter, though, so thank goodness for that. Writing it took a lot longer than usual, though.

I also want to extend a greeting to anyone who’s finding this site through I dropped a little bit of Chapter 0 over there with info on how to find the rest, so I hope more Fate fans can see CU. I suggest signing up for notifications (There’s a sign up to the top right) so that you don’t miss any releases.

I play on the NA servers, and right now Okitan is up for Rate Up… but I decided I wasn’t going to chase after her. About 20% of my combined in game savings were used but… I have Melt so I can’t justify chasing so hard after an AoE Alter Ego, no matter how huggable she is. And I could feel it. Okitan wasn’t going to come home. So I called it off to hold onto resources for Summer, and the 2nd Lost Belt. The only other 5 star new release I’m aiming for this year is Sigurd, so I’m just gonna try and avoid the gacha itch while I can.

I got Izo and Li Shuwen. So I’m satisfied… for now.

Marie is a Tokyo Drifter.

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