Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-7 released

This new editor for WordPress is garbage. It’s all sleek and shiny, but I’m having to hunt down the options that used to be right in my face before.

Well, it has more freedom with Font customization, so that’s a plus. If only they hadn’t junked the old format to be more appealing to the Twitter generation.

Writing battle scenes is like left hand and right hand chess games. It’s the act of splitting your mind in two and pitting both sides against one another. Then there’s the act of writing along a set scenario and adapting the pre-written lines. There’s parts of the original script I have to throw out, and move from one part to another to skip over the redundant battles that interrupted the flow of the story, without losing content or pacing.

But I enjoy this end result. This may be the largest release chapter of Chaldea Untold to date. I’ve said it elsewhere, but the size of my chapters are determined by the content that is inside them, not by the length of the paragraphs.


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