I condemn the riots. Stay home, stay safe.

So here I am, trying to write the next chapter of my fiction, and my mind keeps going back to what happened last night.

I watched the Louder With Crowder livestream where they fact checked CNN’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests across America, live over the internet.  The coverage of CNN was despicable in that it consistently avoided the tragedies that were playing out over the nation that were constantly trending on Twitter, Facebook, and other media.

A man was violently run down by 30 people because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Palettes of bricks were staged at the “Protests” for use against buildings and police officers.

Stores were looted.  Banks were broken into and looted.  Dumpsters, cars, and buildings were lit on fire.  None of which had anything to do with what happened to George Floyd.

Dallas’ “protest” went violent after 15 minutes and the city was reduced to a war zone, with people specifically directing the rioters to where “the rich people” were.  Dallas is where one man who was trying to protect his business was overwhelmed by the mob of rioters and literally stoned.  He was struck by stones while people kicked him on the ground.  It was an incredibly disturbing video, but if you want to see the true nature of the people across the nation pretending to care about justice, go watch it.

I remember the riots over Rodney King.  The ones that happened IN THE CITY RODNEY KING LIVED IN.  It wasn’t pretty, but it made sense that the people in that town were angry.  But this systematic hate-mongering, violence, anarchy, and blind tribalistic warfare is insane, and it needs to stop.

My home town is amongst those that have lit their own downtown on fire and plundered it.  I thank God for the fact that I moved out of that place last year to escape the atmosphere of intolerance and blind social justice that allows hobos to sleep in my workplace’s parking lot, leaving their used needles around for pedestrians to stumble across, while emptying their shit buckets into our public trash receptacles as being a human right.

At this point, Black Lives Matter is anything but about black people, or protecting life.  It’s an excuse to be destructive and violent little warlords in the consistently greatest nation on earth.  On the coverage from CNN, I saw a lot of preprinted posters asking for Justice and saying Black Lives Matter, and shouting about how all structures and infrastructure should be torn down and abolishing the system… but not one of them had George Floyd’s name on their signs.  What’s happening now is not about that unfortunate man.  He’s an excuse for these madmen to rampage.

The police officer who moronically took George Floyd’s life has been fired, divorced, and getting sentenced for Manslaughter.  His life is over.  Everyone involved in the incident is being thoroughly investigated by the request of the President himself.  Justice has and is being served.  But not by these riots.  These riots are only setting us all back.

So for anyone in these cities where this unbridled insanity is taking place.  Please stay home.  Do not add to the madness, do not get in it’s way, do not try and curb it.  Leave this to the police and the national guard.  Please do the one thing people have been saying for the last 5 months during this time of actual danger.  STAY SAFE.

I’ll get back to delivering nutty fiction shortly, but I had to get this out there or my mind would never calm down.

One thought on “I condemn the riots. Stay home, stay safe.

  1. I agree with you, what happened to Floyd was unfortunate, but the core of the issue really wasn’t as much as the racial implications (thats its not even sure it was all about it) but more with the tremendous incompetence that the Police force showed in it first duty that its the protection of civilian, the officer was either bad trained on purpose or the institution has a serious filtering problem. I hope they get to study manuals, and get better at clearing future officers of the law. The riots are just an excuse for bad people to do bad things. No better that waht they are supposedly trying to figth against.


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