Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-5 released

One of the reasons I’ve been so tired and unable to write for so long is because I have an injured knee.  Nope, it wasn’t an arrow, but a co-worker walked directly into my leg as I was turning around because she thought she could move faster than I could.

…I’m still forgiving her for it on a daily basis.  Being a Christian can be hard sometimes.

After a few months I finally have an ACCURATE diagnosis of what the continuing problem is, tendonitis. So I don’t need surgery.  But having to use a crutch all day at work is exhausting.  I’m a tall guy with a wide frame, so I naturally carry extra weight on me.  So every move I make is my arm getting a 200 pound curl supporting my body, and my one good leg supporting all of my body weight every time I’m standing still for more than 3 seconds.

Three quarters of me has never been so ripped in my whole life.  Even when I was stacking generators at The Home Depot.  My entire body hurts all the time from effort, so it kind of put a slow down on my creativity.

But here’s the next chapter!

I’ve been told I do exposition well.

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