Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-4 released + extra

I was given a 3 day weekend at work to recover from the recent rigors of working a pharmacy understaffed.  So, this is what I’m doing now that I’ve recovered.  Writing!  It’s overdue, and a little shorter, but I hope people enjoy it.  I’m already starting on the next chapter.

Camping bands are not band camps.

And with Sieg being released as a welfare…


“No, it’s my idea… Sieg didn’t want to trouble you,” said Ritsuka as he led Jeanne D’Arc to the room where Sieg was patiently studying the operations of the Shadow Border.

Jeanne sighed and said, “That’s just like him.  Causing trouble by not wanting to cause trouble.  But… are you sure, Ritsuka?  After all, the other me and Sieg…”

Ritsuka gave something of an uncertain smile and said, “I’m not that bright, so I like to confront things directly.  And the two of you are going to be running into each other eventually… I’d rather get it over with right away than worrying about things that might happen in the future.”

Jeanne stayed quiet for a long moment, letting the implications of Ritsuka’s words pass through her, and that seed of self-doubt and fear in Jeanne’s heart grew just a bit larger.  Ritsuka lined Jeanne up in front of the designated door, and Ritsuka asked, “Are you ready?”

Jeanne gave a resolute nod.  Ritsuka pressed the button to open the door, causing the panel to slide into the wall opening the room.  It seemed that Sieg had heard voices in the hallway and was halfway to opening the door himself to check on them.  The unexpectedly close proximity to each other caused both Jeanne and Sieg to lock up in surprise.  The book in Sieg’s hand dropped to the ground.

And then both Jeanne’s and Siegs faces relaxed into relieved disappointment.

“I see.  You and I are-”

“The two of us are-”

“”Different people.””

The two said at the same time.

From there, Ritsuka was able to convince the other two to have a sit down conversation.  Jeanne and Sieg talked easily, with Jeanne sometimes giving brief lectures to Sieg who accepted them as a matter of course… but the primary topic for both sides ended up being about Ritsuka somehow.  At the end of the lengthy conversation, Sieg excused himself to return to his studies, and Ritsuka asked Jeanne, “So, how are you feeling?”

“Refreshed, I dare say?  It’s like meeting up with an old friend but… there’s nothing more than that here.  I hope the other Sieg and the other Me can find happiness together, but… that’s the extent of my feelings.  I’m truly grateful you set this up, Ritsuka.”

Ritsuka smiled peacefully, grateful that the meeting went as well as could be hoped.  And Jeanne smiled back as well, with a heart cleansed of doubt, looking forward to what was to come; no mater what the future held.

One thought on “Chaldea Untold: Chapter 2-4 released + extra

  1. Welcome back! And with a nice, well written interaction to boot. Hope you’ve not been working too hard, though I’m sure you have given the pandemic. Thanks for all that you do. I hope the best for you!


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