I’m not dead, and neither is the site

But I’m so fucking tireeeeeeeed…

I work in a pharmacy.  The whole Corona situation has a lot of people being panicky and unreasonable.  There are people who are wanting to buy phantom over the counter cures for a virus we’ve known about for 3 months.  And old people who think it’s a better idea to pay hundreds of dollars for a refill on their meds 1 week early because they might be sealed away from an outbroken society for a few months straight.

This shit didn’t happen with the Swine Flu, which was far worse at this point in time with more fatalities.  The media is making people think this is the end of days, on purpose, and people are reacting according to the media’s coverage.  A self fulfilling prophecy.  And I’m on the front line dealing with it.

So I haven’t had the time or energy to write.

I have, however gone through Chaldea Untold Prologue and Chapter 1 to re-edit for typos and accuracy.  So there’s that.

2 thoughts on “I’m not dead, and neither is the site

  1. You work in a pharmacy?!?! Damn…sorry you have to deal right now, this is intense for a position like yours. Hopefully this all blows over sooner rather than later. Good to hear from you though!

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