Chaldea Untold: Interlude 1-10 released

Should I put names on these chapters?  Would that make it easier for people to read through them?

Anyway, I’m off my Disco Elysium kick for the moment.  But that got replaced by Death Stranding.  The game is just incredible.  And it is EXACTLY as advertised.  You’re a post apocalyptic courier and you throw your blood at extra dimensional Death Specters that are pretty much forces of nature until they die of blood poisoning (har-har).  It’s not too hard, but it’s terrifying as all hell when you’re traveling and suddenly you get caught in a rain shower and the BTs are all around you… and the only way out is through.

That was the forest in the canyon for me.  I nearly got taken away, but I struggled through while losing some equipment.  The cargo was intact though, so it as fine.  On the return trip I tried climbing the mountainside and was able to avoid the BTs while leaving some climbing equipment behind for others to make use of later on.

Later… I learned that if I’m on an expedition I should bring at least a dozen blood grenades with me and learn to aim better.  Being fast on a bike isn’t enough.


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