Chaldea Untold 1-18 released

I have zero consistency if I can help it.  Except for one thing.  I really want a stable sleep schedule.  My new workplace is finally providing me something like that and I think it’s doing me a world of good.  Hell, my writing for the past month should be showing just that.

Now, have fun children.

2 thoughts on “Chaldea Untold 1-18 released

  1. Hey,

    I really enjoy your writing. With that said, I do not read, and do not intend to read, the Chaldea story. The reason is simple: I do not like stories that don’t end.

    I am waiting for the end of Shadows of Evergreen and of Stop Calling me a Demon King before I start another one of your stories.

    I thought that fairness dictates I tell you this.

    Thank you for your fine writing (no sarcasm),


    1. Fair enough. I’m only really doing CU because I find it fun, and I have to get rehabilitated into consistent writing habits if I’m going to be charging people money for my writing again. So, I honestly am just doing this story for myself, and letting other people read it if they want to. No offense, no skin off my nose, and I look forward to producing content for you to enjoy again.


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