Chaldea Untold 1-15 released, + Dragon Age 4 Rant

Chaldea Untold 1-15 is HERE.  Now for what’s really annoying me.

So, Kotaku uncovered more during their investigation of the Anthem debacle than I knew when I first found out about it.  Turns out they found info on Dragon Age 4.  Specifically, that it got CANCELLED by EA, and then a new DA4 was started in it’s place that was beholden to EA’s requirements.

What was wrong with the original DA4?  Nothing as far as we gamers are concerned!  It was a single player RPG with a more focused target on choices and consequences with character development and companions and less trudging through open world environments than Inquisition had.  Fetch quests and the like were cut out, even though open world areas were still in.  It was apparently going to have a Heist style gameplay loop for story progression as the main cast were spies operating behind enemy lines in the heart of Tevinter, the Blood Mage haven for sorcerous asshats and high Roman hedonism.

Sounds great, right?  So what was EA’s problem with it?

It had no system in it to market as a “Games as a Service,” meaning no after market monetization like Loot Boxes, Progress Boosters, vanity items, perpetually Forced Online, and possibly tacked on multiplayer.  Also, it had to use Frostbite, the engine Anthem has that only a core group of EA employees know how to utilize and are spread over multiple projects and are too busy to really help Bioware adapt it to be used with a RPG system the Frostbite engine was never meant to be used with!

So, this information comes to us about the same time as the Bioware debacle of Anthem (which was a combined clusterfuck of a directionless Bioware and a greedy as fuck EA) and EA announcing the new Star Wars RPG about the rogue Jedi after Episode 3 which is a single player RPG with no micro-transactions (we’ll see how long that lasts) evident and only existing as a CGI trailer.  A game that certainly exists only to endear themselves to Disney to try and get away from the PR shitstorm of the Battlefront lootboxes, complete with the Government starting to swoop in to place sanctions on Loot Boxes and taxes as a form of GAMBLING!  Disney is not a company that wants to be associated with an unregulated gambling racket!

So, yeah.  As I said before, Bioware is dead.  EA killed it and are only propping up it’s desiccated corpse for the sake of skating on it’s history for a few more years.  I don’t want Bioware to close… but when it’s been so thoroughly gutted of talent, trashed in the reviews, and compromised in it’s vision… how can it not eventually be shut down by the “Games-as-a-service” hungry producer/owner, EA?  And more over, when it happens… will I be sad, or will it be a relief?

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